Bigg Boss Tamil episode 4: Vaiyapuri, Namitha get emotional, Oviya and Juliana fight back

On the day 3, Episode 4 of Bigg Boss Tamil summary: Juliana again got most of the attention as majority of the housemates think that she is playing mind games to win the show. Vaiyapuri and Namitha got emotional as they missed their families.

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On the day 3, Episode 4 of Bigg Boss Tamil, the housemates woke up to a rocking upbeat song Kalasala Kalasala from Osthi film. But, soon they were all busy consoling Vaiyapuri, who was crying uncontrollably. The reason: he realised his past mistakes. With no mobile phones and other distractions, the Bigg Boss house seems to have provided him with ample time to introspect and reflect. Besides missing his family members, Vaiyapuri regretted taking out his professional frustrations on his family. And not telling them how much he cares and loves them, especially the kids.

Bharani, on the other hand, became the butt of the jokes in the house after he claimed that Lord Murugan was apparently mad at him for not visiting him at the temple. While Shakthi Vasudevan minced no words in calling him a “fool”, Bharani’s antics apparently forced Ganesh Venkatraman to go into deep meditation to keep his sanity intact.

Juliana received a much-needed break from the unwanted attention she was subjected to on the previous day. The first half of the day went well for her with Oviya doing her makeup. Oviya revealed that she has not been in a relationship for a long time and Raiza said that she broke up with her boyfriend 10 months ago and he is now dating another girl, who she said was better than her.

Snehan had an argument with Juliana and Oviya as none of the members of their team, which is tasked with doing dishes, were present in the kitchen to support the cooking team. Neither the House Captain nor Juliana and Oviya team was ready to back off from the argument.

Juliana was complaining to Bharani about how she was targeted the previous day by Gayathri Raghuram and Harathi Ganesh over her role in the Jallikattu protest. She claimed that she received more insults than fame because of her participation in Jallikattu agitation. But, Bharani gave her some helpful advice and asked her to fight back.

Namitha also got a little teary-eyed as she missed her pet dogs. One of her dogs was involved in an accident, just hours before she entered the Bigg Boss house and she was worried about her pet’s condition.

The cooking team was asked to garland the housemates, who they think they saw in the child photographs that were shown to them in the confession room the previous day. Juliana, Anuya, Ganesh, and Oviya in that order received the garlands. But, they were only right about Ganesh, and Oviya.

The dishwasher team was called into the confession room as part of the luxury task and they were also shown a bunch of childhood photos of the other contestants and were asked to make their guesses.

Raiza and Oviya were upset that they were served yesterday’s vegetable biryani for dinner and they were not told that it was spoiled. Juliana took their complaints to the cooking team and it sparked another round of argument. Gayathri, the head of the cooking team, lost her cool.

Juliana was called into the confession room later by Bigg Boss. And she was asked to read a letter to all the contestants in the living room. It was a task. The housemates were told to share stories about their first love.

Gayathri made an emotional revelation that she has always been disappointed when it comes to love but now she is in relationship with someone special. Before going to bed, Namitha shared her opinions about Juliana. She said Juliana is playing mind-games and is not genuine. In the meantime, Juliana was playing her outsider card with Snehan and others.

And the show came to an end with contestants celebrating Juliana’s birthday.

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