Bigg Boss Tamil: ‘Distressed’ Oviya jumps into swimming pool to quit the show

Oviya, the star contestant of the show, was upset as Aarav was giving her cold shoulders in the house. Oviya jumped into the swimming pool to draw the attention of Bigg Boss so that she can walk out of the show. She has been seemingly reeling from emotional problems.

Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: August 5, 2017 11:30 am
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The romantic drama between Oviya and Aarav has, pretty much, reached an unexpected climax, as Oviya was desperately trying to walk out of the show. Oviya jumped into the swimming pool at the living quarters and dipped her face in the water with her nose closed on Friday’s episode. Aarav, who was in the kitchen with the other contestants noticed that something was wrong, and raised the alarm. She was later pulled out of the pool by other housemates.

This happened after Oviya’s mood swings hit a new level as Aarav started to distance himself from her. Oviya professed her love for Aarav many times and Aarav, who apparently had no problem with Oviya’s overtures before, was taking offence to all her actions with him this week. Snehan played a mediator and tried to clear the confusion between both of them. During which Aarav said he only treated her as a good friend and he had no special feelings for her.

In turn, Oviya told Aarav not to come back to her ever in his life as she won’t give people second chances. Well, the audience thought, Oviya will bounce back from her emotional distress and return to being blunt, rebellious and cheerful girl, who became a sensation in Tamil Nadu overnight.

However, Oviya seemingly continued to reel from emotional problems. At one point, she even told the Bigg Boss that she thought she was in need of some professional help. Soon after that, she jumped into the pool.

All the other contestants were visibly worried. Oviya was told to bear with the other housemates for some more time as the efforts were being made to meet her demands. The Friday’s episode ended with a massive cliffhanger as it was unclear whether Oviya walked out of the show. The channel also did not show the promo for the next day, leaving the fans clueless.

A picture showing Oviya in a moving car started doing rounds on social media. It was speculated to be the picture clicked while Oviya was leaving the studios. However, it was not confirmed.

But, if she had quit the show, it’s a big blow to the showrunners as she was the main reason why the debut season of Bigg Boss Tamil became such a big hit. She brought TRPs to the channel, inspired large fan following, her random and spontaneous one-liners became slogans that were printed on t-shirts. It was nearly impossible to find a tweet related to Bigg Boss Tamil without Oviya’s reference.

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  1. P
    Aug 12, 2017 at 6:09 pm
    She is an indecent lady. She don't know how to behave in a show like this.Her love affair is 100 her's but she must knew the limit. How come a lady ask a man for flirting? Not only this she is a lier than Juli. From 2007 to 2010 she acted in 4 Malayalam movies. She parti ted as a guest in Vendar tv for Pongal festival in 2015. The person who interviewed her was asking her a question about Malayalam movie."Your mother tongue is Malayalam ,did you acted any Malayalam movies? this was the question and she said no,i didn't. Even after in malls she bluffed that she loves Aarav. No words to express about her nut fans.
    1. R
      Aug 7, 2017 at 3:56 pm
      It is really ridiculous to watch that Oviya is being portrayed as a star with no flaws by Kamal Hassan. The housemates including Shakthi and Gayathri were cornered with queries. Knowing how immature Oviya was in the house, Aarav was targeted as guilty. Oviya was cornered due to her arrogant and fluctuating at ude and no respect towards house mates. If she is in this situation it is only because of her immature nature. It was so evident that initial days she got attracted to Aarav and made a statement its just a flirting. Just because her feelings changed towards Aarav she cannot blame him and her also reaction towards house mates not at all acceptable. Like how house mates were questioned about their responsibilities for Oviya's current situation, will Oviya be questioned for her rude behaviour towards them??
      1. G
        Aug 7, 2017 at 12:10 pm
        Plz oviya kitta pesunga kamal sir plz thirumbavu bb ulla varanu oviya illatha big boss paaeka pudikala Chennai saarbaga oviyava keluga ilaana oviya number illana unga mobile number kuduga ilaana itha mobile number ku whatsappla vaaga plz 8124387389 plz come naa unga kitta pesanu neega busytha aanalu naa unga kitta pesanu plz enaku enna pandrathunu theriyala sir enaku oru mathiri aaguthu naa 12th tha padikura plz enaku neega seiya vendita help ennana enaku mattu illa chennai people totalku oviya kitta pesuga illa naa neega atha number ku what's appla vaga plz I am wait and miss u plz
        1. J
          Aug 6, 2017 at 10:41 pm
          All.the housemates are responsible for oviya's depression they all should be punished accordingly. Love with aarav is not the only reason it has happened due to the stress given by the housemates. This incident Will be a lesson for not only the husemates but also for the people who are hurting others unnecessarily.
          1. R
            Aug 6, 2017 at 9:20 am
            Hiiii Kamal sir engalukkaga people's kaga oru Chinna help pannunga plzzzzzzz big boss kitta kettu Oviya va return big boss kku varum padekku kelunga plzzzzzzz sir.right thaa Oviya thaa veruppa pattu ponanga but engala Oviya Ella thaa big boss pakka mudeyala this my request oviya kitta neenga pesunga sir plzzzzzzz Oviya return varanum plzzzzzzz
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