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Fan scare

Every star has an engrossing ‘fan’ tale to narrate.

Written by Namita Nivas | Mumbai | Published: November 14, 2014 1:00 am
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar

Every star has an engrossing ‘fan’ tale to narrate. Now, there are fans who shower wholehearted love on them, while there are some who actually scare the hell out of them!
Akshay Kumar, recently, had one such story to recount. It was about his female fan who landed in Mumbai right outside a studio where he was shooting. But when she was not allowed inside, she plonked outside and slashed her hand!
“That’s when the studio guard came running to tell me what she had done. I quickly rushed her to hospital. Later, I found out that she was from a very affluent business family from Lucknow and that she had run away from home as she wanted to meet me. When her family came to take her back, I gave her my secretary’s number and told her she could come to Mumbai once a year or so if she wanted to meet me,” revealed Kumar.

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