2 States: Cultural twist

Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt wore outfits that brought out the nuances of their respective character’s cultural background in 2 States.

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: April 20, 2014 10:42:29 am
Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Lead pair Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt wore outfits that brought out the nuances of their respective character’s cultural background in 2 States, while maintaining the casual vibe and energy with the help of a colourful palette.

Funky, young and vivacious; that’s how designers Manish Malhotra and Shiraz Siddiqui describe the colour palette and fabrics used for the Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt-starrer, 2 States. During the early portions of the film, the duo will be seen sporting trademark styles that define their respective characters. While Krish Malhotra’s (Kapoor) wardrobe mostly consists of regular T-Shirts in fresh, bright colours, Ananya Swaminathan (Bhatt) goes the ethnic fusion way. “Director Abhishek Verman was very sure about the way he wanted both Krish and Ananya to look. He wanted their outfits to reflect their personality. It’s great how both Manish and Shiraz have done perfect justice to our looks,” stated Bhatt.

The Tamil effect

Malhotra was roped in to make Bhatt look like a young college girl, with a knack for oxidised accessories and fusion attire. Though they didn’t want her to pass off as a Tamil stereotype, a few details in terms of the make up and hairstyle was added to give her character some authenticity. “I had to wear light, Hazel coloured lenses. The make up was not too heavy, except for a lot of kaajal, kohl, a little bit of mascara and a dab of lip balm. Ananya is like any other college girl, who likes to keep it simple,” mentioned Bhatt. As the film progresses, Bhatt’s character goes through a change, as she bags a job as a brand manager and gradually, there is a change in the way she dresses up as well. “Ananya starts wearing a lot of sarees, simple Lucknowi chikan dresses among others. The look is ethnic, yet very chic, but my look becomes more mature,” added Bhatt. Malhotra mentioned that although Bhatt gets a makeover towards the second half, the colour palette remains chirpy. A lot of bright shades of red, blue and green have been used for her outfits, in both her college and work look.

Vibrant shades

Unlike the regular tees in boring shades, Siddiqui decided to give Kapoor a bunch of colourful shirts and T-shirts, in order to add some vibrancy to his character. “My character is extremely lovable. I am happy with the kind of choices that I had in the clothing department. The look is extremely relaxed and casual, with the dominance of a lot of pastel and minty shades,” said Kapoor. “We experimented with the colour palette for Arjun’s look. Icy blue, pale yellow and soft denims are the kind of stuff that you don’t get to see a lot in men’s clothing,” quipped Siddiqui.
For both the looks, most of the fabrics and materials were sourced from the local markets in Mumbai and Delhi, while a few items were handpicked by the designers from abroad. A lot of Kapoor’s outfits were designed from scratch, while Bhatt’s waistcoats and skirts were spruced up using lace, kundan, mirror work among others.

Edgy and neat : Arjun Kapoor got a gelled centre mohawk, with edges cut neatly. Elnett spray was used to keep a few strands straight

Geeky elements : Instead of opting for rimless glass frames like Chetan Bhagat, Kapoor was given thick black frames which went well with his face shape

Freshly minted : Lighter fabrics like cotton, linen among others were used for Kapoor’s shirts, in a lot of pastel and mint hues. He also sports basic V-neck tees
Skirting around: Apart from the accessories, long skirts in bold colours with mirror or lace work towards the end add a fusion twist. Skinny leggings and denims are paired up with kurtas

Getting knotty : Ganjis knotted around the waist, basic V – neck full and cap sleeve tees and colourful cotton kurtas with aztec or tiny motifs were used.

Accessories : Oxidised, chunky earrings and jhumkas form an important part of her look. Bhatt also wears a lot of chunky bangles on her left hand.

Luscious locks : Hair extensions were added to Bhatt’s original hair length to make it look longer. She will be seen in a lot of braids, high pony tails, open hair with braided tiara effect among others.

Traditional affair

For the Punjabi wedding song, Iski Uski, both Krish and Ananya dress up in their respective cultural garb. Malhotra chose a light Kanjeevaram saree in multiple bright colours, draping the pallu into thinner folds. Her hair has been neatly tied up into an updo, keeping a centre parting for a kundan maang tikka. Chunky gold with pearl work jhumkas and gold bangles complete her look. For Kapoor, Siddiqui chose a blush pink kurta, which is quite rare when it comes to traditional men’s wear. “Initially, we thought we were taking a risk by giving the hero a blush pink hue. But Arjun has managed to carry it off with great ease, making it look classy,” mentioned Siddiqui.

Did you know

Ananya Swaminathan is a funky, fiery girl who loves to mix and match her apparel. The main reference for her outfits were photographs of Chetan Bhagat’s wife, Anusha, which were captured during her college days. “It was Manish’s idea to play with different printed, colourful scarves and skirts. Anusha wore a lot of such apparel and accessories during her IIM days, so we took a lot of cues from her look, while adding some additional elements,” said Bhatt. The actress is also seen wearing waistcoats with mirror and patchwork.

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