Malayalam actor Ranjini asks fans to not follow counseling shows on TV

Actor Ranjini feels counseling shows on television channels succumbs to sexual abuse and public nuisance.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 1, 2016 7:08:34 pm
Ranjini has asked her fans to stop following reality shows like Nijangal. Ranjini has asked her fans to stop following reality shows like Nijangal.

A well known face of Malayalam and Tamil film industry, Ranjini seems to be miffed with the kind of reality shows that are finding audiences these days. She recently shared a still from Sun TV’s show Nijangal, raising an objection on the concept and format of the show. According to the show’s format, an estranged couple or married couple seeks advice on their relationship. To guide them, there’s a panel of a counsellor, a lawyer and of course, the host – who tries to bring out the couple’s problems.

The show, which is airs on different channels and in different languages, has massive TRPs. However, often it is seen that the panelists lose their cool on the show and even physically abuse the contestants. Ranjini shared a still from Nijangal and highlighted what happens in the television world in the name of counselling. She took to her facebook account and requested the audience to not “fall prey to such shows.”

Read Ranjini’s full Facebook post here:

The actor wrote, “It’s so shameful that shows on so-called “counseling” is being aired on all channels in different languages. I have taken these clips from Nijangal being telecasted on Sun TV, where Actress Khusboo grabs the contestant’s shirt and shouts. Is this counseling? In fact, this succumbs to bullying, abuse, assault, battery, sexual discrimination, exploitation and public nuisance…..please people don’t fall prey to such shows, it is not helping you at all instead it degrades your entire family in public and the TV channels are making money out of you.”

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She further stated that the hosts of the show are not even qualified to give counseling to the contestants. “Always seek counselling from organisations who are often NGOs and its offered free of charge before going to the courts. I sincerely hope that Khusboo apologises to this contestant in public before she faces the courts,” Ranjini added.

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