Pellichoopulu 50-days run: Director Tharun Bhascker shares his success story

Director Dhaassyam also said that he was on the brink of losing his confidence, after he met several people asking help for the film.

By: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Published:September 17, 2016 11:44 am
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Telugu romantic comedy Pellichoopulu on Saturday successfully completed its 50-days run in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and the USA. Made from a meager budget of just a crore, it had an entirely new cast and a debutant director too. And that’s not all, the sleeper hit has not only impressed the critics but also made six times its production cost, from its profits on the USA screens alone.

Director Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam, on Friday, recalled his success story on Facebook talking about the hurdles he faced and the discouragement he got for from the industry.

“There was a day when most people gave up on this film.’Industry’ people thrashed it. It was as if films made under one crore aren’t worth our film industry. People who I worked closely with made exit plans. This film was low priority to certain team members. This term – “small film” rung in my ear throughout. It was used like a derogatory term to put me in my place. In fact some people said it’s like a short film but it was of two hours,” he said.

Director Dhaassyam also said that he was on the brink of losing his confidence, after he met several people asking help for the film.

“Everybody was doing a favour to me by giving me a chance. The constant murmur about how to make a film, what our people are like, caste, regionality, how distribution works, how publicity is everything was spoken about by everyone. They dragged my confidence to the ground and battered it with an occasional pat on the back. I remember roaming around with this film in a hard disk to so many people hoping they’d give me some more advice on how to take it forward. They all had a number on their tongue – like astrologists, weighed the future of this film down to a few lakhs. This message is for all those pretentious people. Tomorrow is the 50th day,” he said.

Talking about his surprise success, he said: “It’s going viral in the real world. Reviews came in for an average of 3.5. Phones went ringing for all the team members. Articles in newspapers and blogs were hoarding up. Lights flashed, autographs were signed, money trickled in, our names resounded in every TV channel. There’s a ear to ear grin on everyone’s face as they smile for the cameras,” he added.

However, the director posted on Saturday that he couldn’t celebrate his 50-days success since he lost his cousin in an accident recently. “Although today is day 50 for Pellichoopulu I cannot celebrate it, me and my family have had a shocking loss. My cousin Tanjavur Rohan is no more! He was the most affectionate guy in my family and one of my biggest talented support system.”