Justin Bieber’s waxwork removed from Madame Tussauds

Justin Bieber's waxwork was fondled and grabbed by his excited fans.

New York | Published: February 11, 2014 5:25:49 pm
Justin Justin Bieber’s waxwork was fondled and grabbed by his excited fans.

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber’s waxwork has been removed from Madame Tussauds after the statue began to wear away from so many fans touching it over the years.

The waxwork, which was on display at Tussauds New York on West 42nd Street, has been groped, fondled and grabbed by excited fans of the 19-year-old troubled singer, reported New York Post.

The statue shows much younger Bieber. “This is disappointing, but hopefully we can welcome a new ‘grown-up’ Justin back to the attraction in the near future,” said Madame Tussauds general manager, Bret Pidgeon.

Madame Tussauds New York also said that the figure has been damaged over the years because of the irregular maintenance.

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