Coldplay Concert Chris Martin: Global Citizen Fest is a musical extravaganza

Coldplay Concert Chris Martin live update: After a horde of Bollywood A-listers, Chris Martin arrives with his band Coldplay, leaving the audience asking for more.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 20, 2016 8:28 am
Chris Martin performing at Global Citizen Festival India Chris Martin performing at Global Citizen Festival India

Coldplay is all set to perform on Saturday at MMRDA Grounds (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority). Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin will be performing a 90-minute gig with his band during the event. The singer is in the country as part of the Global Citizen India initiative 2016.

The Global Citizen Festival is an annual music festival that began in 2012. Chris Martin is the current creative director of the festival. Among Indian celebrities who will be present at the gala are Amitabh Bachchan, A.R. Rahman, Shah Rukh Khan, Freida Pinto, Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Parineeti Chopra, Monali Thakur and Arijit Singh.

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Why are people excited? It’s one of the biggest musical events featuring a rock band in India in many many years. Before the main event, pictures of Chris Martin with celebrities and while preparing for the concert are splattered all over social media. The craze for the Coldplay concert amongst Indian fans cannot be explained in words. Coldplay is a British Rock band and has given several memorable songs including Paradise, Viva La Vida and Fix You. The concert is taking place just before the eighth anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai attacks and speaks volumes about the spirit of Mumbai — the show must go on.

Chris Martin partied with Bollywood celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, Sridevi, Shankar Mahadevan, Loy Mendonsa, Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Sussanne Khan and many others before the main event. He also met Sachin Tendulkar at a school and interacted with kids.

samarpitadas November 19, 201610:38 pm

At the end, it was a concert worth the wait. Cheers were unstoppable as fans kept asking for more.

samarpitadas November 19, 201610:36 pm
Chris Martin thanks PM Modi for letting them do the concert. Promised to come back to India soon.
The band bowed to the crowd thrice before signing off for the night.

samarpitadas November 19, 201610:28 pm

Chris Martin twirls Indian Tricolor

samarpitadas November 19, 201610:23 pm

Later Chris went on to sing Channa Meraya.. the track from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

samarpitadas November 19, 201610:22 pm

AR Rahman makes Chris Martin sing vande mataram

samarpitadas November 19, 201610:07 pm
Coldplay ends on a high. Performed for more than an hour
” Thanks India for all the love and support ” says Chris Martin.

samarpitadas November 19, 201610:05 pm

Crowd heard cheering ‘Coldplay’ ‘Coldplay’ when Chris Martin pauses to catch his breath.

samarpitadas November 19, 20169:59 pm

Chris Martin spotted singing Hymn For The Weekend with tri colour flag kept inside his pocket.

samarpitadas November 19, 20169:47 pm

Coldplay sings the popular enchanting song ‘Fix You’

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20169:42 pm

Coldplay sings “Hymn for the Weekend” as the audience sways to its tunes.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20169:28 pm

It is surely a high-octane event with no time to breathe!

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20169:25 pm

Chris Martin steals the show with back-to-back numbers.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20169:23 pm

Coldplay leaves the audience asking for more.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20169:23 pm

“Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry. You don’t know how lovely you are…”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:53 pm

Coldplay began their stage outing in Hindi!

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:53 pm

“Namaste friends, yeh hamari khushkismati hai ki itne khoobsurat desh mein aaye hain”, Coldplay said.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:52 pm

COLDPLAY arrives!

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:51 pm

“Coldplay taught me guitar”, said Sachin Tendulkar.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:51 pm

Cricketing legend Sachin tendulkar also came on the stage. He said, “Coldplay loves India and it is only appropriate that we show our love to his band.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:49 pm
“Hello my young friends. I see you are having a good time. I’m stand between you and Coldplay. My schedule didn’t permit me to come. But I couldn’t miss out on the first time this is happening. Many of you have texted with me on my mobile app. I look for your suggestions. I look forward to be with young people. I can feel it. This is a welcome break”, said PM Modi.
mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:46 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also comes and speaks to the crowd.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:26 pm

The Vamps perform on the stage too. And they are pretty good!

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20168:10 pm

Ranveer also shook a leg on songs from Bajirao Mastani.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20167:46 pm

Actor Ranveer Singh shows his Befikre side, as he dances to the film’s songs.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:47 pm

AR Rahman performed a melodious instrumental piece.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:47 pm

Actor Vidya Balan thanked her producer husband Sidharth Roy Kapur for introducing Coldplay in her life “Thanks to Siddharth, I have become a fan of Coldplay”, she said.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:46 pm

Vivek Oberoi said, “I expected Chris Martin to be snobby but he was cool”.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:43 pm

SRK further lauded Rahman’s work. His sheer presence on the stage left the audience berserk and crazy.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:41 pm

While introducing music maestro AR Rahman, SRK said, “I wouldn’t be what I am if it were not for Rahman’s Chaiyya Chaiyya.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:40 pm

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan makes a scintillating entry on the stage.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:40 pm

Sonam Kapoor was asked by the media about her rumoured international projects. She said, “I am trying for international projects but haven’t got anything worthwhile yet.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:39 pm

Sonakshi thanked her fans for supporting her latest fil Force 2, which released on Friday. “Happy that Force 2 is doing well despite demonetisation”, she said.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20166:38 pm

Sonakshi Sinha had a media interaction. She took to some rapping on the camera too. She sang “Love Dose”.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:36 pm

Vivek Oberoi comes on the stage and speaks on girl education.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:33 pm

Sonam Kapoor interacts with the media. She says, “I am more excited about the initiative today. Happy that Coldplay is also lending support.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:31 pm

Vidya ends her speech by introducing Sarpanch Chandu Patil, the brain behind the Rajgadh movement.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:30 pm

Vidya added, “The government has been working hard. But the government alone can’t do it. We all need to cooperate. So today, let’s celebrate those people who are working and are participating at the grassroot level, to bring the change.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:26 pm

Vidya goes on “Most of us are not aware of what grassroot issues are. So a mindset is important. If films work only on the basis of entertainment, then this nation will progress when we have water hygiene and sanitation.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:22 pm

Vidya Balan says, “Most people thought Global Citizen is all about Coldplay. But it is not just that. I am happy to welcome the work of all global citizens. You all know how difficult it is to get water or to go to the loo for many people. 44 percent people don’t have access to water.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:20 pm

Vidya Balan comes on stage and puts light on some serious issues with regard to the Global Citizen initiative.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:19 pm

Both Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan sang “Atrangi Yaari” from their film Wazir.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:18 pm

Amitabh Bachchan returned to the stage in a changed costume.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:17 pm

While Farhan sang, his Rock On 2 co-star Shraddha Kapoor couldn’t contain her excitement. She seems the most thrilled one in the audience.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:16 pm

Farhan Akhtar chose his songs from Rock On including “Sindbad The Sailor”. He later even sang “Hawan Karenge”.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:14 pm

Farhan Akhtar with whom Chris Martin partied, also came to croon some songs.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:11 pm

Sonam Kapoor arrives in a dark red attire. She spoke about women empowerment.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20165:08 pm

Karan Johar comes on the stage too. He says, “Global Citizen is a cause that will inspire the youth of this country.” He ends his speech with “Jai Hind”.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20164:46 pm

Amitabh Bachchan comes on the stage and recites a poem in his baritone.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20164:32 pm

CEO and founder of the Global Citizen initiative, Hugh Evans said, “PM Modi has led from the front, inspired the youth. PM Modi will do a live broadcast tonight for the Global Citizen.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20164:09 pm

Actor-singer Monali Thakur says, “The only caller tune I have ever had on my mobile is a song of Coldplay. Excited to meet them today.”

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20164:06 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20164:03 pm

“Our nation has come together to work for a noble cause” – Monali Thakur

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:55 pm

Demi Lovato does some singing too.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:54 pm

Alia Bhatt introduces American singer Demi Lovato on stage.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:54 pm

Alia is a stunner in a golden attire.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:52 pm

Alia Bhatt arrives on stage next. The pretty Bollywood actor has one of the best stage presence.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:50 pm

The Vamp spoke about working with Farah Khan. “It was great fun meeting Farah Khan. She taught us some cool dance moves”, they said. Farah has teamed up with the band to direct their music video.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:37 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:37 pm

The Vamps also show some dance moves taught to them by Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:32 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:32 pm

Actor Shraddha Kapoor comes on stage to a roaring audience reception. The actor has already impressed her fans with some fabulous singing in films like Ek Villain, Baaghi and the recent release Rock On 2.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:29 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:29 pm

British pop rock band The Vamps were also seen as part of the audience. The said they were happy to experience the Indian culture, and are big fans of music composer duo Vishal-Shekhar.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20163:07 pm

After singing the rabble rousing high energetic “Jhoom Barbar Jhoom”, Shankar now switches to “Kal Ho Naa Ho” title track, one of the trio’s best compositions.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:57 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:55 pm

As the concert gains momentum, music composer trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy arrive on stage to a thunderous response. The music maestros begin their performance with the song “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:52 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:52 pm

Ananya Birla comes on stage, next. The 22-year-old Birla daughter shows off her moves with utmost confidence.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:43 pm

Sonakshi Sinha seems to be in the best mood to rule the stage. She is enjoying her performance to the core, by singing and dancing, all together.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:39 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:39 pm

Sonakshi looks every inch a rockstar from her clothes to her attitude. She sings the rap version of “Har Kisi Ko”.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:37 pm

Sonakshi Sinha arrives on stage and sings “Har Kisi Ko” from her film Boss. Sonakshi’s latest film Force 2 released on Friday.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:28 pm

Monali Thakur’s melodious voice left the audience swooning. Monali comes on stage after Arijit and sings her award winning song “Sawaar Loon” from Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha-starrer Lootera.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:27 pm

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:25 pm

Up next, singer Arijit Singh began the musical journey of the Global Citizen Fest by crooning his latest blockbuster track “Ae Dil hai Mushkil”. The singer has been leading the charts with his superhit songs for a long time now. He was in news earlier this year, due to his spat with Salman Khan and eventually getting dropped from singing Sultan’s “Jag Ghumeya”. The track was ultimately sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

mimansa.shekhar November 19, 20162:22 pm

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra kickstart the Global Citizen India 2016. The two who acted together in the YRF film Ishaqzaade, took the centre stage and spoke about global issues. They highlighted the need to make the world a better place and advantages of being a proactive global citizen. They asked the people to not just talk, but bring it to action too. Arjun has been busy wrapping up his upcoming film Half Girlfriend. On the other side, Parineeti is handsful with Meri Pyaari Bindu. She was a part of the Dream team tour few months back.