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Vivegam movie review: This Ajith starrer is a good popcorn entertainer

Vivegam movie review: The film has good music, good visuals, high-voltage action sequences, picturesque landscapes and beautiful faces. Also add heartwarming moments between the characters of Ajith and Kajal Aggarwal to the list. Ajith and Siva get full marks for their efforts. 

Rating: 3 out of 5
Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: August 25, 2017 3:44 pm
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Vivegam movie cast: Ajith, Kajal Aggarwal, Akshara Haasan, Vivek Oberoi
Vivegam movie director: Siva
Vivegam movie rating: 3 stars

Director Siva is the greatest fan of Thala Ajith. Nobody can match him when it comes to admiring Ajith and his looks. So much so that he has made a film called Vivegam spending more than Rs 100 crore. The film opens with highly-skilled assassin Ajay Kumar (Ajith) leading a one-man mission to secure a device that contains details of activating a nuclear weapon. He worms into the enemy lines and wreaks havoc.

At the end of the first action sequence, before jumping off the iconic Contra Dam, Ajay mouths the popular punchline – “Never ever, give up.” Just when his enemies think that they have got him boxed up, he pulls off something impossible and completes the mission successfully. That is the gist of the film. Vivegam is all about the exploits of one man, who can never be beaten.

Ajay is a flawless character and he is a master at many things. Be it searching and killing his targets, riding cars and bikes, or helping his wife with cooking in her restaurant, you name it. An exemplary human being that you cannot help but adore him. From the beginning to the end, Siva has been consistent in playing up all the goodness in Ajay, which after some time makes you snooze. About 30 minutes into the film, it feels like, “yes, yes we understand he is a deity in human form. Can we please get to the story already?”

Ajay may be a killer but he has a heart full of love and trust for his wife and friends. And that’s the main reason for his downfall. While he can read his targets if they are lying or not, he cannot identify the backstabbers in his team masquerading as friends.

vivek oberoi, vivek oberoi vivegam, vivegam movie stills

Aryan Singha (Vivek Oberoi) is Ajay’s teammate but more than that he is Ajay’s brother from another mother. At least, until he decided to empty his gun into Ajay’s back. Both are top officials of an international spy agency. Let’s say it is a conglomerate of spy agencies of the world. Ajay is tasked with a mission to find hacker Natasha, who has a new face after undergoing a facial surgery. She has the keys to activate nuclear weapons that can cause artificial earthquakes in any place on earth.

Natasha (Akshara Haasan) gets a subtle but more interesting introduction in the film. She carries the information worth billions of dollars in two hard disks. And it has nearly become impossible for operatives to track and nab her. Well, as we know Ajay is the right man for an impossible task, he finds her and soon forges an intimate bonding with her. And things go haywire as Ajay finds out he just got played.

Aryan turns against him. It was only a matter of time, one could have guessed it. Ajay now rises from the ashes and seeks retribution against those who wronged him.

Ajay has a beautiful wife, Yazhini Kumar (Kajal Aggarwal). Yazhini is a very dutiful wife, who understands her husband’s life is always on the line. And keeps calling him to know his well-being. And Ajay never misses answering her calls, even in a high-speed chase. Before the end of the first part, Ajay answers Yazhini’s phone when he is hanging on to a branch of a tree as he is being fired at by his new enemies. He promises her that he will return to her alive. So, he does. It’s actually funny when you come to think of it. No matter who you are or what situation you are in, you must answer the phone when your wife calls. Period. Even when you are dying. Period.

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Ajay gets shot multiple times in the back. But, instead of urgently seeking the emergency medical help, he goes on doing high-intensity workouts on the snowy mountains to adrenaline pumping ‘Thala Viduthalai’ track in preparation to fight his enemies. How he survived the bullet wounds is never explained.

Vivek falls short of invoking any feelings in the audience. He backstabs his close friend and tries to bomb India. But, still, we don’t hate him because he is always praising Ajay and how. Even when he is defeated again and again, instead of ruing over his failure, he ends up admiring Ajay. And that makes his character completely unrealistic.

It is Ajith’s show all the way. His look and onscreen charisma help audience disregard serious logical follies in the writing. As the titles roll off at the end of the film, the audience is shown the behind-the-scenes videos shot during the action sequences. And one can see the effort that has gone into making this fancy film. Ajith and Siva get full marks for their efforts.

Vivegam has good music, good visuals, high-voltage action sequences, picturesque landscapes and beautiful faces. Also add heartwarming moments between the characters of Ajith and Kajal to the list. If you can overlook adulation, irrelevant emotions and unfounded logic, Vivegam is a good popcorn entertainer.

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  1. Abinash Varun
    Sep 4, 2017 at 2:50 pm
    Watched VIVEGAM! Review Here's a short review on it 1 tense script 2. Fulfilled the genre(action) 3. Roles done by the actors were fantabulous 4. Ajith Kumar had put up a Gr8 show fr the audience 5. Akshara Hassan even though she starred for 15mins approx, when she was killed in the movie it was absolutely missing something in the film which proves her role a success 6. Fast editing and cinematography were the key points for visuals presentation to eyes of audience 7. Vfx an awesome effort 8. Especially some creative efforts from director Shiva contradicting the chess board play with the action sequence was an brilliant move. Points that I feel could have been improvised 1.character definition in the movie could have been a bit explanatorys 2. Music was too intense and unsynchronized which didn't take me much into the movie at some points 3. I mentioned music since the last movie I saw bfre VIVEGAM was DUNKIRK according to few theories regarding film pyschology when the screenplay is
    1. Vijay Shanmuga Ganesan
      Aug 26, 2017 at 2:52 pm
      . This shows your re tion give 3 for an illogical ty mass ma movie. How much did u guys get from the crew?
      1. K
        keshav iyer
        Aug 25, 2017 at 12:52 pm
        Go to all Tamil actors and its followers. sick people of Tamil nadu follows these kind of fools AJITH/VIJAT/RAJNI/KAMAL ETC
        1. P
          Aug 25, 2017 at 12:58 pm
          r u from north, ur sharukh is less talented when compare with ajith or dhanush
        2. T
          true Indian
          Aug 24, 2017 at 4:30 pm
          Ajith cannot be classified as a good actor, may he has good looks, right from the begining he is lacking acting skills, or dancing or dialogue delivery suitable to the scene for all emotional or serious you can watch his face expression will be same and even in romantic scenes. There is very good number tamil hero's like Vikram / Suriya/ Dhanush/ prasanna / vijay sethpathi and another vijay who is good in acting dancing and other emotions but only sometimes he does select good stories. Ajith is surving because of his looks if u chase his carriers for nearly 10 yrs his total films flapped only bcaue of media he survived and he does all underground work to maintain his status but in outlook he behaves as gentle beside he is not a complete tamilian half cooked tamilian
          1. H
            Aug 24, 2017 at 5:01 pm
            First you know the spelling for Career ,it is not carrier. making sarcastic Comment on someone is very easy .But performing at that level and sustain in this tough cinema industry for 25 years is not a joke buddy. better luck next time.
            1. Radhakrishnan Vellingiri
              Aug 24, 2017 at 5:31 pm
              dei loosu, what he says s correct, ajith really dont know the acting but have good looking...especially when he try cry ..yepppa ...and dialogue delivery....so much irritating
            2. G
              Aug 25, 2017 at 12:05 am
              Hmm Yes, he cannot be classified as a good actor agree. But, do u think from 25 years he is surveying with only his looks?? Come on dude... I am not his fan or something but your comments are like bull .... How do u know that he does underground work to maintain his status..?????????? Cant help people can think anything they want but its just funny to know that, your aware of his underground activities... lol..
            3. Hari Haran
              Aug 24, 2017 at 2:41 pm
              Can't review without watching the film. Found new stars are breaking box office .
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