Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has mixed feelings about women-only shows

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins says that she has mixed feelings about women only shows because she does not feel good about excluding anyone from anything. She also adds that Wonder Woman could have a number of passionate male fans, who might get offended.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 16, 2017 11:13 am
wonder woman, gal gadot, patty jenkins,patty jenkins picture, gal gadot pictures, wonder woman pictures Patty Jenkins was never expecting the overwhelming response Wonder Woman got.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins said she might not be completely on-board with the idea of organising women-only shows of her recently-released superhero epic film Wonder Woman. The comments of the 45-year-old filmmaker, who has received critical acclaim for the Gal Gadot-starrer DC film, come after a theatre in Austin showed a woman-only show of the movie, reported Elle magazine.

“I actually have sort of mixed feelings about all of that only because I do believe in not excluding anyone from anything. And so, on the one hand, I’m so delighted by those screenings and want people to be able to have those screenings. On the other hand I can imagine being offended if I’m excluded from those screenings, particularly because Wonder Woman herself has a very, very passionate fan base, many of whom are men,” Jenkins told The Frame.

On being asked about the how she handles the big budget movie, Jenkins said that she used to not think about it. But along with that, she also hoped that the movie did well. She also shared her experience on how she had never expected the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the film. She adds that while shooting the scenes, she did think that “Wow, this has never quite been done before,” but she didn’t quite imagine the huge impact the effort was going to have on the audiences.

Jenkins also shared that making Wonder Woman was her lifelong dream. She told The Frame, “I’d been saying since the very start (that) I want to do the straight up, classic Wonder Woman story. I don’t want to do the modernized version. I love Wonder Woman. I think she’s great. I think she’s massive… It’s a classic take on a classic character that has not only the strength and the coolness of Wonder Woman, but also the beauty and the warmth and the love, all of the warmer dimensions of the character as well.”

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