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The tongue-in-cheek The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review
By: Express LOL | New Delhi | Published on:May 3, 2014 5:00 pm

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 works. It might have unnecessary VFX, slightly tired superhero tropes, and a slightly too long running time, but the core story is all that a Spiderman film needs to be.

Since Spiderman is even ready to laugh at himself (we loved the self-deprecation), we’ll join him for a bit; here are the celeb interviews conducted by our Express LOL reporter.

Spiderman 2_Gambhir 1

Spiderman 2_Gambhir 2

If you want to know about one superhero; ask another. Krrish 3 told our reporter everything that was troubling him.

Spiderman 2_Krrish 1

Spiderman 2_Krrish 2

If you really want to know about a superhero, ask the one being who has transcended them all. Rajinikanth is up next.
Spiderman 2_Rajini 1

Spiderman 2_Rajini 2

Finally, our reporter thought he would get the Bollywood view on The Amazing Spiderman 2, with SRK.
Spiderman 2_SRK 1

Spiderman 2_SRK 2

All in all, it might not have been amazing, but it was well worth the ride.

– By Vinit and Antara for Laugh Out Loud Ventures

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