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I play spiritual guide in ‘I, Frankenstein': Mahesh Jadu

Frankestein around the cathedral. It is an important part, says Mahesh Jadu. Frankestein around the cathedral. It is an important part, says Mahesh Jadu.
By: Press Trust of India | New Delhi | Published on:January 28, 2014 3:59 pm

Aaron Eckhart starrer Hollywood film ‘I, Frankestein’ is the latest spin on Mary Shelley’s classic horror story where Indian origin actor Mahesh Jadu is playing a key role.
Director Stuart Beattie makes the character of Frankestein, who in Shelley’s novel was born out of a freakish experiment by an eccentric doctor, take a leap of almost 200 years. The film is being released in India by PVR this Friday.
Eckhart as Adam Frankestein is in search of existential questions and Jadu, who plays Ophir, a gargoyle, helps him in his journey. Jadu says gargoyles are mythical, fierce looking creatures on cathedral walls but they are there to ward off evil spirits.
“I play the role of a gargoyle. The part is bigger than what I have done before. My character helps the protagonist in its journey. Some parts you can’t measure by length. I am like a tour guide for the protagonist. He shows Frankestein around the cathedral. It is an important part,” Jadu told PTI in an interview over phone from Melbourne.
The actor, whose parents moved to Australia from Mauritius, is a fan of Shelley’s novel. Jadu says the new film is almost like a sequel to the 1818 story.
“I don’t think it is an horror film, it is rather a beautiful tragedy. The movie takes the story further. The story takes place in the modern age. Adam is back and is trying to find who he is. He kind of uses his confusion to fuel his journey and eventually he returns to church to find his soul,” Jadu explains.
Jadu, who is currently busy writing his debut novel and plans to take up direction someday, gained popularity with Australian series ‘Neighbours’ and made his feature debut with ‘Taj’ in 2011.
Jadu was a part of Bipash Basu-Josh Hartnett starrer ‘Singularity’ but the film’s fate is uncertain now. Jadu, however, says he enjoyed his stay in India and working with director Roland Joffe.
“I am sure the film will have its time in future but I can only focus on the positives. I had a lovely stay in Madhya Pradesh, took lots of photos and met some really amazing people. I think I got more out of it than most people did,” he says about his shooting experiences on ‘Singularity’.
Ask him about doing a film in India and the actor says he would love to be a part of the industry.
“I would love to work in an Indian film because my origins are Indian and I have grown up on Hindi films. It would be great to have that experience in any capacity,” he says.
Jadu is currently busy writing and producing a feature film and also plans to finish his debut novel.
“I love story-telling. Writing, acting and directing are basically the three rivers leading to the same place. I want …continued »

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