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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happy Father’s Day: 10 onscreen characters who proved fatherhood is not about blood relation but a deeper bond

Happy Father's Day: While we all greet our fathers on this day, let us remember 10 Hollywood characters, who were not the father by blood, but that did not stop them from being the silent hero in another person's life. Sooner or later they became more than families.

Written by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Updated: June 18, 2017 11:13:04 am
happy fathers day, gurdians of the galaxy, harry potter, game of thrones, finding neverland From Sirius Black to Yondu, remembering all the characters who shared no blood connection but were no less than a parent.

Dad – the superhero who does not come wearing a cape. If mothers are indispensable and unconditional in their warmth, dads are the invincible heroes. But sometimes, fatherhood isn’t about with whom you share a blood relation, rather it’s with whom you share the bond. Over the years, Hollywood has introduced us to various characters, who never shared any blood but always stood by each other like a family.
1. Yondu: Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 beautifully showed how sometimes family is not about with whom you share a blood relation. All his life, Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) wished that he knew about his real father, but when he actually crossed paths with him, his disillusion broke and he realised who his real guardian was. It was the man who saved him from ‘being eaten up’ – Yondu. Had it not been for Yondu, Peter Quill wouldn’t have ever dreamt of being a Star Lord.

2. Sirius Black: Harry Potter

Sirius Black had been one of the most radical characters in Harry Potter’s life. Unlike Molly Weasley, or Albus Dumbledore he never treated Harry like a 15-year-old, and that was one of the things, Harry had really enjoyed about him. He was always on his toes to visit, 12 Grimmauld Place in London, (Sirius Black’s residence). Sirius almost treated Harry like his best friend, James Potter. It was Sirius Black, who had purchased the Firebolt broomstick for Harry when the latter had broken his Nimbus 2000. In fact, if you remember Lily’s letters which were kept in Sirius’ room, there Harry came to know even the first toy broomstick in his life was a gift from Sirius Black.

3. Remus Lupin: Harry Potter

Harry Potter may have never met his parents, but it was the presence of people like Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Weasleys that made Harry feel less lonely at Hogwarts; that’s exactly what made him call Hogwarts his home. Lupin had played the role of an important father figure in Harry’s life. When he noticed Harry’s life was in perpetual danger, he taught him how to cast a Patronus. Had it not been for his support and strength, Harry would never have realised his strengths within.

Sometimes their roles reversed too and Harry acted like the guardian. In the seventh part of the book, he even has a weak moment before he becomes a father to Ted. Insecurity makes him run to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It was none other than Harry, who told him the harsh truth about how he is being more of an irresponsible parent, rather than a guardian to them.

< 4. Robin Williams, Dead Poet Society

 John Keating has been one of the most progressive English teachers in the history of Hollywood. He encouraged his students to break free from the norms, and taste literature rather than just memorise them from the textbooks. Keatings, was the perfect role model for the boys of the boarding school who referred to him as the Captain.

5. JM Barrie, Finding Neverland

Author JM Barrie is popular for his work, Peter Pan, a boy who never grew up. Finding Neverland explored the relationship JM Barrie had shared with five kids, in London. At a time, when everyone gave Sylvia and her children the wrong kind of glances, merry Mr Barrie felt no qualms in introducing the kids and their mother to Neverland, despite the silently vivid glares from everyone. Although Barrie had no intention of substituting their father’s place, somehow, during their virtual trips to Neverland, they shared an inexplicable connection none of them had felt before

6. Ned Stark, Game Of Thrones


One of the fan theories has turned out to be true. Jon Snow was not a bastard. He is the son of Ned Stark’s sister who was abducted and raped and that’s how Jon Snow was born. Just to save his sister’s honour, Ned Stark had claimed Jon to be his bastard son. Although Jon never really enjoyed this title, Ned never alienated him from his family. When the Starks learnt how to hold a sword, so did Jon. Ned bore the brunt of many rude glances from his wife, but never took it out on Jon Snow.

7.James Gordon, Batman

A hero can be anyone. Even the person who puts a blanket on one’s shoulder assuring that not all hope is lost. Commissioner James Gordon, had unknowingly become a hero in the life of young Bruce Wayne with just a few simple gestures. He even risked being dead, just to catch the notorious Joker. Like Bruce Wayne had mentioned in one of the cartoons of Batman, James Gordon was one of the white knights of Gotham. He remained the guardian and the watchful protector of Gotham, even before Batman came into existence.

8. Ben from The Intern

Experience is never out of fashion. That was the catch-line of Anne Hathaway’s film, The Intern. Ben may not have been in an expert with technology and the way modern offices worked, but his traditional knowledge of love, emotions acted like a backbone in Jules life, who was completely engrossed in becoming a successful business woman. But secretly she had an irrational fear of being buried with strangers, that’s why she consciously chose to remain blind to her failed marriage.But it was Ben, who had calmly removed her irrational fears and reassured her, if she ever feels worried about where she might be placed in the graveyard, he will make sure there’s enough space to fit her somewhere between his late wife Molly and him.

9. Joey Tribbiani to Emma, Michael Tribbiani

Remember this scene from above? Amid humour, it was in this particular scene, where Joey Tribbiani stood out to be the protective dad, which he never knew he had within him. He may not have shared his cookie with Emma, (because Joey doesn’t share his food) but he made sure Emma remained safe and sound in his hands every time, like he had promised Rachel, when she gave birth to her.

10. Full House, Joey Jesse 

Jesse Katsopolis and Joey Gladstone lead completely different lives before they moved in with Danny Tanner. They probably weren’t completely comfortable with the idea of being the substitute moms and dads to Diana Jones, Stephanie and Michelle. But while making breakfasts and cleaning poops, they too developed a bond, with kids, that was equally irrevocable

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