Yeh Hai Mohabbatein : Raman, Ruhi get angry that Ishita is suspecting Suhail

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2017 full episode written update: Ishita is tensed about both Ruhi and Pihu. Ruhi fights with her for Suhail.

Written by Neha Nigam | Published: January 12, 2017 1:24:30 am
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, 19th November Episode, November 19 episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein summary, episode summary, Ruhi, Ishita, Vidyut, Adi, entertainment news, indian express news Suhail opens his shirt in front of Raman and there is no tattoo on his hand. Ishita wonders as she was sure about the tattoo. (Representational Image)

Suhail opens his shirt in front of Raman and there is no tattoo on his hand. Ishita wonders as she was sure about the tattoo. She openly asks Suhail about it, she says how did he manage to hide it. Suhail gets clueless and asks what she was talking about. When Ishita doesn’t stop blaming him, Ruhi tells Suhail that Ishita is suspecting him to be the blackmailer. Suhail is shocked, he feels so insulted that he loses his patience. He says he cannot believe it that Raman and his family are so rude. He has been beaten up, humiliated and insulted so many times, still he did not complain. He keeps coming to the Bhalla house because he was looking for intimacy. He always felt they were logical, but this time they have crossed the limit. Ishita says he is lying. He has also lied about his father who committed suicide. Suhail shouts and says his father is in the hospital and he prays that he will have a long life. He says he should not have come here. Raman too blames Ishita for humiliating Suhail. But, Ishita is determined to expose Suhail. Suhail leaves in anger. Ruhi runs after Suhail to stop him. The family members see Suhail and Ruhi are leaving the house in a hurry, they also find Raman and Ishita disturbed. Simmi asks Ishita about it, but Ishita says she will tell about it later.


Suhail tells Ruhi that her family humiliated him so many times still he kept coming to her house. He did very wrong and he is feeling hurt. Ruhi begs him not to feel like that. She says she will make Ishita understand him. Suhail says he loves Ruhi that is why he did not mind her family’s rude behaviour. Ruhi is surprised. Suhail pushes her and leaves in his car.

Simmi decides to meet Gaurav and tell him that she cannot commit to him. Raman is not talking to Ishita as he disliked her over reaction. He says she should have controlled herself in front of Suhail. Ruhi too shows her anger to Ishita. She blames that Ishita is not sensible and she does a drama of a friendly mother. Ishita says she cares for Ruhi that is why she is trying to dig out the truth. Raman asks her to leave him alone.

Ishita goes to Madhavi’s house and says that she wants some peaceful time. Madhavi reminds her about Pihu’s condition. She says Pihu needs her right now. Ishita goes to Pihu who is asleep. Ishita finds her shivering. Pihu gets up and asks Ishita to be with her. Next morning when Ishita finds Pihu’s wet bed, she doubts that something is wrong with her.

At the breakfast table, Toshi and Mihika express concern for Raman, Ruhi and Ishita to Romi. They want him to check with Raman. Romi says that Ishita will tell them, hence, not to worry so much. Simmi comes frustrated and leaves the house without having breakfast. Raman too comes with a bad mood after reading a molestation news in the newspaper. His reaction makes Toshi very worried and suspicious. Toshi is feeling that something is going weird in her house.

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