Here’s looking at a few Bollywood trends likely to gather steam in 2014:

Written by Priyanka Sinha Jha | Published: January 3, 2014 5:33 am

A bright,shiny and unsullied 2014 has arrived and what better way to greet the New Year than make a few predictions about what’s in store? So here’s looking at a few Bollywood trends likely to gather steam in 2014:

1) Green tea: Yes,green tea,that magical brew that calms you down,increases your metabolism,detoxifies you but tastes nothing like the sweet treacly masala chai that we all love,is the flavour of the season,thanks in no small way to slim B-town posterboys endorsing it. Whether it is in office meetings,the morning fix or the night cap,green tea is here to stay.

2) Carbs to Quinoa: Quit all things that can be identified as carbs since the magical quinoa,according to slimness experts,is the magic food that can satiate your hunger and yet keep you looking svelte. This fad is catching up,fast and furious.

3) Personal dietician: While personal trainers have been around for some time,personalised dieticians are the new additions to the must-have list. Not surprisingly,everyone is heading out to get one in a bid to become fit.

4) Sweet surrogacy: Erstwhile mothers may frown upon the practice but new-age mamas are more than happy to surrender to power of science. Procreation is now achievable even after the sell-by date and Bollywood’s acceptance of it has fuelled the trend in a big way.

5) Destination Dubai: A few years ago,London was indispensable to all things Bollywood. But this year,Dubai is the new London. A visit to Dubai is now a must,thanks in no small measure to Bollywood stars visiting the city for personal and professional reasons.

6) Selfies: Photos of yourself,clicked from flattering angles and posted by self for circulation among friends and then some more is the new thing-to-do. Bollywood’s beautiful people got it down pat with the perfect angles and great lighting too. We shall follow suit.

7) Designer threads: Designer clothes are in and how. Photos of Bollywood celebrities kitted out in designer dresses and gowns that fit like a glove have obviously made an impact. High street labels no longer make the cut. Whether it’s pret or couture,shoes or bags,if you aren’t flashing a designer label you are

so yesterday.

8) Fancy wheels: When it comes to cars,big is beautiful. Even better — own a range of cars from the SUVs to sports cars to classic beauties like the Rolls-Royce. On the roads,less is no longer more.

9) Make a spectacle: Thou shalt not hide thy glasses is the new diktat among young and old alike,courtesy Bollywood’s best sporting it with great elan at airports,parties and so on. Spectacles are quite the new style statement accessories,you see.

10) Pause for a Cause: Bollywood has been a huge influence in popularising charity in ways big and small. More and more people are in a mood to share their good fortune because of the examples set by their matinee idols.

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