Leonardo DiCaprio hated ‘Titanic’ water scenes: James Cameron

Leo was like a Siamese cat trying to get into the water.

Written by Agencies | London | Published: September 20, 2012 3:46 pm

“Titanic” director James Cameron says actor Leonardo DiCaprio moaned constantly about getting wet while filming the 1997 film alongside Kate Winslet.

Cameron,who tolerated the 37-year-old actor’s whining on the set,said he flew into a rage when DiCaprio admitted he was actually a qualified diver on the final day of filming,reported Sun online.

“Leo was like a Siamese cat trying to get into the water. He made a huge production of it every time. The water could be 80 degrees but he hated to get wet ¿ or he pretended he hated to get wet.

“It turned out on the last day of shooting,we had to do an underwater scene and he said,’I’m a certified scuba diver’. What was all this stuff with the cat and getting into the water? I wanted to wring his neck,” Cameron said as he launched the 3D Blu-Ray DVD of “Titanic”.

The 1997 released epic romantic disaster film won eleven Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.

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