Saturday, Apr 18, 2015

Veena Malik says anti-India tweets were from fake account

Veena Malik A daily reported that actress Veena Malik, of 'Bigg Boss' fame, had tweeted anti-India remarks.
Written by Divya Goyal , Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Published on:March 18, 2014 4:16 pm

Former actress and model Veena Malik cleared the airs about the recent anti-India tweet which raked a storm in the media over the weekend.

A daily reported that actress Veena Malik, of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame, had tweeted anti-India remarks. However, the handle used for that tweet was a fake account.

The actress, who has changed her name to ‘Veena A Khan Khattak’, after her marriage to a Dubai-based businessman in December last year, retweeted her clarification, which first appeared in an Arab daily.

After her marriage, Veena Malik had changed her twitter handle form @iVeenaMalik to @iVeenaKhan.

Meanwhile, the fake tweet attracted a lot of negative attention for the media and the Twitter world alike. There were also reports that Veena Malik had blamed one of her ex-boyfriends for hacking into her Twitter account. Here is the tweet:


Veen Malik rose to fame after her stay in the controversial reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ and her relationship with Ashmit Patel.

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