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Tongue-in-cheek review: Humshakals

Humshakals review Humshakals review
By: Express LOL | New Delhi | Published on:June 21, 2014 12:20 pm

The scale of 2014 Bollywood movie quality goes like: Queen – Good – Average – Bad – Holiday – Terrible – Torture – Humshakals. Sajid Khan is famous for making his audiences convert theatre doors into escape routes, and he has reached the pinnacle of his art in Humshakals.

We could call the film crass, juvenile, offensive, boring and unfunny, but we would be insulting those words. Our reporter was dragged to the red carpet premiere, and met his fair share of celebs. First up was probably the most offensive human of all time – Adolf Hitler.

Humshakals_Hitler 1

Humshakals_Hitler 2

Our reporter’s next guest brought some international flavour to the evening; the England football team captain – Steven Gerrard.

Humshakals_Gerrard 1

Humshakals_Gerrard 2

Next, Neil Nitin Mukesh gave him expert insights into Humshakals’ three triple roles.

Humshakals_NNM 1

Humshakals_NNM 2

Finally, our reporter took solace in a meeting with an old friends of ours at Express LOL: Uday Chopra.

Humshakals_Uday Chopra 1

Humshakals_Uday Chopra 2

Watch Humshakals only if you are prepared for your brain to divorce you immediately after.

– By Vinit and Antara for Laugh Out Loud Ventuers

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