Sunny Leone is gifted emerald and diamond jewellery on her birthday

Sunyn Leone who did not party on her birthday, says she was tucked into bed by 10 pm.

Sunny Leone: My mother would always bake me a cake for my birthdays. Sunny Leone: My mother would always bake me a cake for my birthdays.
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The ‘Baby Doll’ hottie Sunny Leone turned a year older on Tuesday with a quiet night with her husband. The actress revealed she did not have a birthday bash.

Laughs the sex bomb, “I was tucked into bed by 10 pm. That’s how I brought in my birthday. Boring? What to do? I landed a night before from LA and was heavily jet-lagged. I shot the whole day on the day before my birthday and then crashed out. At midnight someone was knocking on the door with a huge bouquet of flowers from a friend. So that was nice. Then I woke up to a relaxed session of working-out after which I left for shooting again. It’s an ideal way to spend a special day.”


Sunny recalls her childhood birthdays. “My mother would always bake me a cake for my birthdays. For one of my birthdays she baked me a Barbie cake. That’s every girl’s dream. I remember my 13th birthday. All my school friends came for a party. I got a tape of music of my favourite music bands and other fun gifts. I had the most loving parents who showered me with love on my birthday. I missed them the most on my birthday. I think of them every day.”

Sunny considers her husband Daniel Weber to be the best gift of her life. “And he brings me the gifts that I like. He gifted me a diamond and emerald necklace this birthday which he got specially designed for me. I feel blessed to have a husband who heaps me with gifts. We’ve been together for six years now. We’ve been married for three years. Our love hasn’t diminished. How have we made it last so long? Beyond being my husband and lover he is my best friend. We’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times together. I can consult him about anything, any problem. He is always there for me. I can lean on him for anything, no matter how silly.”

Going into a flashback of her courtship Sunny remembers, “We met in Las Vegas. He was based in New York. I didn’t think at that time that anything would come of our relationship because we lived in different cities. But Daniel doesn’t give up easily. He bombarded me with flowers, chocolates and gifts all over the world wherever I happened to be. He would fly in from anywhere in the world to meet me.”

And now, “I am happy to be here in India. I am happy to be working here in India. My film Ragini MMS 2 is a success and the song ‘Baby Doll’ greets me everywhere I go. How does it feel? How do you think it feels?” she laughs out …continued »

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