Raveena Tandon asks Twitter if wearing saree makes her ‘hindutva icon’, apologises later

As Raveena Tandon asked Twitter if wearing a saree make her a Hindutva icon, social media erupted in anger. But has the actor taken a dig at people who slut-shamed Deepika Padukone for her hot photoshoot during Ramadan and Priyanka Chopra for wearing short dress during a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 11, 2017 12:27:52 pm
raveena tandon, raveena tandon saree tweet, raveena tandon twitter, raveena tandon instagram, deepika padukone, priyanka chopra Raveena Tandon speaks against trollers in a post by her.

Celebrities get trolled for anything and everything they say these days. After Deepika Padukone was trolled for her hot photoshoot and Priyanka Chopra was taught how to dress in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by slut-shamers, it is Raveena Tandon who gets targeted by Twitterati for her tweet on wearing a saree. The actor wore a saree and shared the picture with a caption, “A sareee day … will I be termed communal,Sanghi,bhakt,hindutva icon?if I say I love wearing the saree and I think it’s the most elegant.”

The actor did not name anyone in her tweet but was it a dig at trolls and slut-shamers who try to teach women about how to dress and call them names if they don’t oblige.

The actor further explained that why she chose to write ‘I love Saree’ in her post. In response to a tweet from her fan, Raveena wrote, “The reason that i put a disclaimer for saying I love the saree!Nowadays can be trolled for anything and can be twisted to suit narrative.” Raveena’s post has received some mixed reactions. While a few are not in favor of her statement and questioned the actor for writing so, many appreciated her for speaking her mind.

One of her followers wrote, “So @TandonRaveena wondering if wearing sari may invite Sanghi tag? Not unless she claimed its same sari worn by sita mata on her mehendi,” to which Raveena said, “Ppl like her hav made me think the way I do.these kind of horrible ppl exist who can’t live/ let live.Ihave NEVER made fun of others beliefs.”

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She further cleared that she never wants to be a part of political parties. “all those thinking o want to get into politics. I AM NOT INTERESTED.Was offered by TMC. CONG, and BJP. Said No.Would’ve joined yours Nizam,” said the actor in response to a tweet. The actor ended her statements by saying that her tweet about saree was not to hurt any sentiments, ” Saree is a beautiful Elegant Indian Garment.My Tweet was NOT to communalise Saree.Was my fear of being trolled to say I love anything Indian. If it has come across as anything else.I apologise. That was not the intention.Had not thought that it would be misunderstood the way it has. My sarcasm was intended 4people who comment on anything, worn said or done.whether short dress or saree, you are labeled either.”

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