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Rani Mukerji to direct a film for husband Aditya Chopra’s ‘YRF’?

Rani Mukerji has taken over the Chopra household and is also a very pivotal part the family's production empire. Rani Mukerji has taken over the Chopra household and is also a very pivotal part the family's production empire.
By: BollywoodHungama.com | Mumbai | Published on:May 22, 2014 1:03 pm

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji, who recently married the head of Yash raj Films, is all set to direct a film for the production house.

The new Bahu of the parivar is apparently taking her duties very seriously. Not only has Rani taken over the reins of the Chopra household, she is also a very pivotal part the family’s production empire.

A source close to the Chopras said that Rani Mukerji will soon direct a film.

The source said, “If you visit the sets of Yash Raj’s Mardaani where Rani plays the lead, she already calls the shots there. You can almost say she is the official director Pradeep Sarkar’s main associate director on the sets. Rani instructs the actors, shouts out orders to the crew and looks after every detail.”

An actor from Mardaani laughs, “Rani is the boss. And she doesn’t hesitate in showing it.”

The new Yash Raj boss is all set to take her newly-earned status as Mrs Aditya Chopra to the next level. Rani will soon direct a film.

Apparently, the script based on one of her own ideas is now being worked on.

An actor from Yash Raj fil said, “Rani is getting ready to direct a film. We don’t know if she will star in her directorial debut. Probably not. That would be too much for her to take on. At this juncture she’s also being a hands-on daughter-in-law to Mrs Pam Chopra. And at the same time she’s also looking after he parental home. Rani is shunting between the her two homes right now. Eventually she will have to settle down in the Chopra bungalow. She is preparing her parents for her departure.”

In the meanwhile, Rani will soon throw a post-wedding party for all her friends. The dinner at the Chopras’ residence recently was basically for Mrs Pam Chopras’ friends. Now it’s Rani’s turn.

A friend of the actress said, “Rani is a very gregarious girl. Her circle of friends is in direct contrast to her husband’s hermetic existence. She will host a party for all her friends who complain about being left out of the secret wedding.”

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