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Raj Babbar to join ‘Tevar’ unit in Pune

Raj Babbar: In my 35-year film career I've played it all, the good bad and the ugly. Raj Babbar: In my 35-year film career I've played it all, the good bad and the ugly.
By: | Mumbai | Published on:May 12, 2014 1:13 pm

Campaigning for elections over, exhausted but enthusiastic Raj Babbar, the Congress I’s candidate from the Ghaziabad Lok Sabha Constituency, is ready to resume shooting from Monday at Pune.

Raj Babbar plays an honest police officer in ‘Tevar’.

“Yes, and I want to stress the fact that the cop I play is an honest cop. It’s very essential to show India’s politics and bureaucracy in a favourable light. Not all politicians and civil servants are as corrupt as they’re shown in our films,” says Raj.

In fact one of the reasons why Rajji is able to take the break between end of the election campaign and poll results on May 16 as an opportunity to shoot his pending portion for ‘Tevar’ is because of the positive light in which his character is portrayed.

Apparently the prolific actor who has played villainous parts in many films in the past including his notorious career-making Insaaf Ka Tarazu is done with playing negative characters in films.

Sighs Raj Babbar, “In my 35-year film career I’ve played it all, the good bad and the ugly. I have no craving to be in films just for the heck of it. There has to be a good reason for me to do a film. My constituency keeps me busy otherwise.”

Apparently the unit has been cooling its heels waiting for Raj Babbar to return.

Says Rajji, “Filmmaking has become a very time-consuming process now. Earlier everyone did their work and left. Now during shooting everyone crowds around the monitor to mull over every shot. That’s a great way to work. But it doesn’t suit my schedules. I’ve just a small role in ‘Tevar’ which I agreed to do because I wanted to portray our much-maligned bureaucracy in a good light. It’s a two-day shoot. Then I return to Ghaziabad for the election results.”

The actor-politician says the election campaign has been exhausting but satisfying. “Unlike most other candidates from the entertainment industry I am not in my constituency to campaign and move on. Ghaziabad is my home, my life. I’ve been elected from there four times. God willing I’ll be elected again.”

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