On Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday, 10 facts we bet you don’t know about SRK

It is Shah Rukh Khan's birthday and you think you know everything there is to know about SRK. But we can bet that you didn't know these 10 facts about Bollywood's King Khan.

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | New Delhi | Updated: November 2, 2016 4:04:24 pm
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His name can launch a thousand products in India and only three English alphabets are needed to describe him — SRK. As someone who finds himself in news week after week (in today’s digital age hour after hour), there is very little one doesn’t know about Shah Rukh Khan. On the eve of his 51st birthday, we list out a few unknown facts about SRK.

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SRK was called ‘Mail Train’ in school by his friends as he was a very fast runner and often won all major heats.

When a young SRK visited Ajmer Sharif with his mother, he suddenly realised that his pocket has been picked. When he tried looking for it, SRK was stopped by a seer who asked him, “Did you just lose a few hundred rupees?” SRK eyed him suspiciously. The seer then prophetically told him, “Sau ki chinta kyu karte ho, jab karodo rupaiye aanewalle hain.”

SRK was a great sportsman but had to switch to acting from sports because of a lower back injury.

SRK experienced his first fan following in Shillong where 200 school girls screamed ‘ahhhh’ on seeing him

Hema Malini chose SRK for her directorial debut because she thought he had an aristocratic face

Deewana was not SRK’s favourite movie. He was paid Rs 4 lakh for it and promised an additional Rs 1 lakh if the film ran for 100 days. The producers later refused to pay the extra Rs 1 lakh saying SRK didn’t deserve it as he didn’t like the film.

Mustafa Siddharth and Vikram were the names Shah Rukh and Gauri had chose for their son before finally settling with Aryan.

SRK’s biggest nightmare is that someone will cut off his arms.

SRK was asked to dub for rising star ‘Salman Khan’ in Patthar Ke Phool.

One-night stands don’t excite SRK because he doesn’t find it stimulating to sleep with someone whose name he doesn’t even know.

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