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Manyata Dutt is back home

Manyata was admitted to a hospital in South Mumbai. Manyata was admitted to a hospital in South Mumbai.
By: | Mumbai | Published on:February 8, 2014 10:32 am

Manyata Dutt was admitted at Global Hospital, South Mumbai, in January after she fell unconscious at her residence. While rumour had it that she was diagnosed with tumour, it was recently revealed that she was detected with Prolapse Heart Valve. However, post two surgeries and a month long treatment, her health condition is considered to be much better and she has now been discharged from the hospital.

Manyata was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse (medical term) where water that is accumulated in her left lung later spread into the right side. Manyata’s doctor, Ajay Chaughule stated that though her condition is much better, she has been advised to attend check-ups continuously and has been asked to take bed rest and follow a nutritious diet.

Sanjay Dutt who is currently serving imprisonment for illegal possession of arms and ammunitions was granted parole owing to his wife’s serious health condition which has now been extended to the third week of February.

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