Kriti Sanon: I believe in fairy tale love and love watching romantic films

Kriti Sanon is in high spirits enjoying the success of her Bollywood debut 'Heropanti'.

Kriti Sanon: I believe in love in its purest form. Kriti Sanon: I believe in love in its purest form.
By: | Mumbai | Published on:May 29, 2014 7:31 pm

After achieving stardom in the world of South films, Kriti Sanon is now in high spirits enjoying the success of her Bollywood debut Heropanti. Though she believes that her first step towards her dream is a success, Kriti accepts that it wasn’t easy to take up acting as a profession. Being an engineer by profession and considering the fact that she comes from a complete non-filmy background, she did encounter her fair share of struggles. “It was difficult initially since my father is a C.A and my mother is a professor. When I completed my engineering, I had two job offers through placements and it was tough to make my parents understand that I have completed my B.Tech but didn’t want to take the job and that I wanted to move to Mumbai,” says Kriti.

A journey from an engineering student to a film star was something Kriti never planned. Ask her if it was a bed of roses and she replies though it was smooth what really wasn’t her cup of tea was to work under such a hectic schedule. “Initially when I started shooting, I wasn’t used to working for 12 hours in the heat. For a week or so, every muscle in my body was paining. Slowly your body starts getting used to it. I was also juggling between two films and that kind of made it hectic. When I was a model, the assignments were obviously not constant and I used to have some free time. But after working for films, it has been a very tight schedule.”

Two films in a row! Prior to the success of Heropanti, Kriti’s Telugu debut Nenokkadine had already made it big at the box office. Acting with South superstar Mahesh Babu was once in a life time opportunity and ask her if she was nervous on that front and Kriti surely doesn’t refrain from admitting it, “I was conscious in front of him but he is very chilled out and grounded. Still at the back of our heads, we know he is a superstar,” she says. What also added to the excitement was the fact that despite hailing from North India, Kriti was welcomed with open arms in the South Industry. Wasn’t it a bonus for the actress and she humbly states, “Honestly I didn’t expect such good reviews for my Telugu film. I was very worried and I didn’t know how the audience will react to it.”

With Heropanti being a rather violent yet innocent love story, we wonder if Kriti is fond of romance herself or is it just acting that attracted her towards this story. “I believe in love in its purest form. When I had seen a few rushes of the film, I could feel the love between Bablu and Dimpy. I believe in fairy tale love and …continued »

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