‘Kamasutra 3D’ director sends legal notice to Sherlyn Chopra

Rupesh Paul said that Sherlyn Chopra withdrew all support to 'Kamasutra 3D' and abused him in the filthiest language.

Sherlyn Chopra Rupesh Paul said that Sherlyn Chopra withdrew all support to 'Kamasutra 3D' and abused him in the filthiest language.
Published on:January 18, 2014 2:43 pm

‘Kamasutra 3D’ director Rupesh Paul has sent his leading lady Sherlyn Chopra a legal notice demanding that she withdraw all her abusive tweets immediately. Rupesh Paul also claims defamation damages of Rs 5 crores from the actress.

“I had to do this to preserve my self-respect. Sherlyn who called me Appa suddenly became hostile. She withdrew all support to our film and abused me in the filthiest language. I had to take legal action to protect my film and my reputation,” says Rupesh.

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On Wednesday pinup girl Sherlyn Chopra not only announced her decision to dissociate herself from her much-vaunted film Kamasutra 3D, she also tweeted highly abusive statements about her director Rupesh Paul calling him a ‘ga***u’ and a ‘ha****i’.

Rupesh Paul was still reeling under the impact of the unexpected onslaught.

Says Rupesh, “First I suffered a multiple injury, three fractures in my left arm requiring surgery, in a motorcycle accident and now I am subjected to worse injury. While I know a vehicle rammed into my motorcycle causing my hand injury I’ve no clue what brought on the attack from Sherlyn.”

Rupesh says they shared a father-daughter relationship. “She called me Appa, which means ‘father’ in Tamil and Telugu. Now on twitter she has been calling me a ‘ha****i’ and a ‘ga***u’. Being a South Indian I didn’t know what these words meant. I had to ask my assistant.”

Rupesh says she was fine until Tuesday evening. “Then after the latest trailer came out she suddenly turned against me and the film. The fact that there is less of her in the new trailer could be the provocation. The new trailer is not about Sherlyn Chopra. Because my film is not about her. She is one of the characters in the film. She isn’t the film.”

The filmmaker says so far he had marketed the film to enhance Sherlyn’s image. “So far we highlighted her in the promos to keep her happy. Sherlyn is a very gullible girl. She gets easily instigated. I don’t understand what she means by saying she’s quitting my film. She has already completed all her scenes. And there’s no way she can ask for those scenes to be deleted. I’ve a water-tight contact with her. At the most she will avoid promotional activities for our film.”

Rupesh says Sherlyn is now devoting time to a singing career. “She has cut a single titled ‘Bad Girl’. My movie was her best bet for recognition. And she took maximum advantage of it. We took her to Los Angeles in November. In the 7-star hotel where she stayed Punjabi and Gujarati producers queued up to meet her. And all because of Kamasutra 3D.”

Apparently Sherlyn is miffed because Rupesh Paul changed the script of the film.

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