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‘Gulaab Gang’ launches its mobile game

Gulaab Gang mobile game. Gulaab Gang mobile game.
Written by Entertainment News Service | New Delhi | Published on:March 7, 2014 4:17 pm

The much talked about film of the month ‘Gulaab Gang’, which hit the theaters on Friday (March 7) has come up with a ‘Gulaab Gang’ Mobile Game.

The game based on the film itself focuses on socially relevant issues and is called ‘Gulaab Gang – The Game’. Film’s lead actress Madhuri Dixit launched the mobile game.

The game is about an epic war of the Gulaab Gang and Goonda gang.

Key features of the game include:

– 25 levels of action packed gang-war.

– Many gang members to choose from.

– Each ally has a unique weapon and characteristics.

– Powerful Power-ups.

– Upgrade your Character for better health and more powerful attack capabilities.

– Upgrade your buildings and your allies.

– Awesome Social Integration.

– Create your Game Profile and add a cool Avatar.

– Add new friends and challenge them.

– Make a High Score and post it on the Leader board.

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