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Govinda lashes out at reports of Narmada’s launch

Govinda says premature announcements about his daughter's debut tend to trivialize her career. Govinda says premature announcements about his daughter's debut tend to trivialize her career.
By: | Mumbai | Published on:July 2, 2014 3:12 pm

Reports suggesting that Govinda’s daughter Narmada is finally making her screen debut opposite Punjabi superstar Gippy has Govinda terribly upset.

He not only denies any truth in this, Govinda also expresses parental concern over such unfounded ‘news’ items.

“It hurts. It hurts me because it hurts my child. There are repeated announcements about Narmada’s debut which finally prove untrue. These hurt her personally and they jeopardize her career prospects. Narmada and I have waited long for her debut. We are in no hurry to see her sign her first film. We’ll wait as long as it takes to find the best possible vehicle for her.”

Govinda says premature announcements about his daughter’s debut tend to trivialize her career. “She has learnt to be patient from me. My family has gone through a lot. We are used to getting things the hard way. But when names of actors or producers are falsely mentioned, Narmada gets upset. I can understand her feelings. It’s not nice to be constantly reminded about something she is waiting for.”

There is much joy in Govinda’s household at the moment, what with Holiday turning out to be a major money spinner.

Says the happy actor, “I was told by many well-wishers to not do the film because my role was just a cameo. But it’s very important to be part of big successful films. And Holiday is big and successful. So I am very happy.”

About personal equations within the film industry Govinda says, “No one works with an actor or a director for friendship. I have many dear friends in the film industry. But finally the roles come to me on merit, not because of personal equations.”

Govinda is gearing up for the release of his home production Abhinay Chakra which stars him as a gritty cop. The film is this brilliant performer’s do-or-die effort to make a comeback as a solo hero after doing cameos and guest appearances for the likes of Mani Ratnam (Raavan) and AR Murugadoss (Holiday).

In order to improve the product, Govinda has now decided to postpone the release from August-end to a little ahead. The decision was taken after Govinda’s team saw the edited film and thought the action scenes which are the film’s backbone needed to be boosted.

Apparently, Govinda will call a team of Hollywood technicians to work on the action scenes.

Without giving away details of his plans, Govinda says, “I am in no hurry to release my film. By God’s grace, Abhinay Chakra has shaped up very well. I want to work on improving and polishing it as long as I can. A few weeks’ delay won’t make any difference to me in terms of finances. But it would make a world of a difference to the end-product.”

Govinda says he is not threatened by competition. “I’ve seen it all, the …continued »

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