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Funniest Fashion Fails of 2014: Alia Bhatt, Vivek Oberoi

Funniest Fashion Disasters of 2014. Funniest Fashion Disasters of 2014.
By: Express LOL | Mumbai | Updated: May 29, 2014 10:11 pm

A couple of days ago, while most of India breathlessly watched the new Prime Minister being sworn in, a couple of people were sniggering at Vivek Oberoi’s choice of clothing for the ceremony. That got us thinking back to the funniest fashion disasters of 2014 so far.

Fashion Fail 1 Fashion Fail 3 Fashion Fail 4 Fashion Fail 5 Fashion Fail 6 Fashion Fail 8 Fashion-Fail-7

First Published on: May 29, 20146:45 pm
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