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From chocolate boy to ‘Haider’, Shahid Kapoor has finally arrived

Once upon a Friday in 2003, there came a movie 'Ishq Vishk' and gave the Indian film industry another chocolate boy by the name of Shahid Kapoor. And a Thursday in 2014 gave it an actor.

Written by Sonal Gera , Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: October 7, 2014 12:11 am
When Shahid was chosen to play 'Haider', few would have expected him to carry off this role with elan. When Shahid was chosen to play ‘Haider’, few would have expected him to carry off this role with elan.

‘Once upon a Friday in 2003, there came a movie ‘Ishq Vishk’ and gave the Indian film industry another chocolate boy by the name of Shahid Kapoor. And a Thursday in 2014 gave it an actor.’

The chocolate boy, then, went on to bag awards for his debut flick and people compared him with the evergreen chocolate hero of the industry – Shah Rukh Khan. He, actually, did resemble King Khan in his looks, acting and especially the choice of movies. But barring ‘Shikhar’ with Ajay Devgn, none of them acclaimed critical respect, leave alone audience’s love.

Through many duds and few hits like Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Vivaah’, Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Jab We Met’ and Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Kaminey’, Shahid Kapoor managed to hold his fort in the Indian film industry.

Last year’s ‘R Rajkumar’ brought a much needed respite to this actor’s career and a lot was pinned on the recently released ‘Haider’.

One word for ‘Haider’ – One can be disappointed with the kind of cinema that’s running nowadays in India; depressed too. And then one day, ‘Haider’, with all its darkness and craft, arrives on the screen. ‘Haider’ happens to complete Vishal Bharadwaj’s Shakespearen trilogy. The adaptation of Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’, ‘Haider’ needed a nuanced actor to portray ‘the most confused character of modern literature’.

Vishal Bharadwaj calls Shahid ‘the most talented actor of his times’, and adds that he needs to tap that talent. It’s quite coincidental that he is the only filmmaker who has been able to do this, till now.

When Shahid was chosen to play ‘Haider’, few would have expected him to carry off this role with elan. But to many’s surprise, the actor has nailed his part and how! In Irrfan Khan’s words, Shahid Kapoor doesn’t emerge as an actor in ‘Haider’; he erupts with a tremendous force. Shahid’s co-star in the movie took to Twitter to express this.

‘Haider’, which released this Thursday, has taken the whole industry by storm. Filmstars, filmmakers and critics can’t stop raving about the movie and about Shahid Kapoor, who plays the titular role in the movie. These celebrities are taking to Twitter to appreciate what the talented actor has achieved with this role. Farhan Akhtar was the first one to tweet his IIFA co-host ‘Pappu’. And ‘Pappu’ thanked his ‘Raju’.

Ali Zafar, who was amongst the first ones to watch the movie, has tweeted:

Ayushmann Khurrana also expressed his admiration.

Huma Qureshi had also tweeted after the special screening.

Director Anubhav Sinha had also praised Shahid.

Not only these stars, who were invited to the special screening, but also other actors who have watched the movie aren’t shying away from approving of Shahid’s acting.

Filmmaker Karan Johar watched the movie last night and tweeted.

Varun Dhawan also posted on twitter.

As already iterated in the previous articles, the days of the rivalry among the movie stars are gone. And now is the era of ‘Bang Bang dares’. Hrithik Roshan dared almost half of the Bollywood in his quest of promoting his recently released – ‘Bang Bang’. The point to be noted here is ‘Bang Bang’ released on the same day as ‘Haider’. And that didn’t stop him from daring Shahid.

Hrithik had dared Shahid to watch ‘Bang Bang’ on the first day while he himself would watch ‘Haider’. The dare was completed from both sides.

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Upon watching ‘Haider’, Hrithik took to the microblogging site and appreciated Shahid’s portrayal of the emotionally upheavaled character in the movie.

Sonakshi Sinha also liked her ‘R Rajkumar’ co-star in the movie.

Director Abhishek Kapoor also praised Shahid.

Actress Rhea Chakraborty also praised Pankaj Kapur’s son and gave him a supreme compliment.

With admiration and love pouring in from all quarters, Shahid Kapoor is, certainly, riding high. ‘Bang Bang’ might be doing much better than ‘Haider’ as far as the moolah is concerned, but ‘Haider’ will surely help Shahid steer his way back to the top.

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From the chocolate boy of ‘Ishq Vishk’ to the emotionally drenched and almost driven to the point of insanity ‘Haider’, Shahid has, indeed, come a long way. One can only feel happy that he didn’t commit the professional harakiri that he was on the verge of and, but, hope that he takes wiser decisions, now hence, and continue enthralling us with such performances.


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  1. Bolly Woo
    Oct 6, 2014 at 9:05 am
    Yes it's brilliant!
    1. H
      hitesh sharma
      Oct 8, 2014 at 6:17 am
      Vishal bhardwaj has given life back to the movies, a lesson to all those so called self proclaimed filmmakers serving junk from last 5 years every friday just because they have a big star attached to their money wasting exercise. And the sad part is that we dont know when will we ever get to see another Haider in near future. God knows bollywood is certainly going through worst phase ever when it comes to quality and depth in movies .
      1. N
        Oct 6, 2014 at 9:57 pm
        So proud to have this kind of "mainstream" cinema - yes, it cannot make enough money to join the 100-crore club but it does satisfy me as an audience. Hats off to Shahid and Tabu!!!!!!!!!!!
        1. R
          Oct 6, 2014 at 3:38 pm
          1. S
            Sneha Banerjee
            Oct 7, 2014 at 3:35 pm
            Shahid was under rating and coupled with bad choice of movies. He was fab in Jab We Met, but went unnoticed (never understood why). Cheers to his belated success
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