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Express LOL: The tongue-in-cheek Jai Ho review

'Jai Ho' review. 'Jai Ho' review.
Written by Entertainment News Service | New Delhi | Updated: January 25, 2014 1:33 pm

As our reporter walked out of the theatre after watching Jai Ho, he saw a vast range of reactions. There were the typical Salman Khan fans, who high-fived each other while comparing muscles, and there was everybody else, questioning what they just watched, and whether life was really worth it. Among these, our reporter spotted a man clad in the most popular fashion attire in Delhi today, the muffler, sneaking out of the hall. 

Jai Ho 1

jaiho2 jaiho3 jaiho4 jaiho5 jaiho6

After clashing with the Chief Minister, our reporter found the chief door-smasher of our country: Daya. The usually angry Daya seemed sad, so our reporter offered to give him a shoulder to cry on.

daya1 daya2 daya3

A sudden chill passed over the reporter. A celebrity! He recognized him as the prime supporting actor of Jai Ho, the Wind God.

wind1 wind2

Our reporter visited the loo only to find Krrish sitting in the corner, and everything smashed to little pieces.

krrish1 krrish2

Just when the reporter thought he was done with a day’s worth of hard work, he saw something that completely astounded him. Something never seen before!


With that, we sign off. Leave your brains at home, and you’ll enjoy Jai Ho. Guiltily.
 by Prthvir and Antara for Laugh Out Loud Ventures
First Published on: January 25, 20141:32 pm
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