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Express LOL: Is Salman Khan getting married?

Salman Khan Here’s the funniest collection of Single Salman jokes we could find online.
By: Express LOL | New Delhi | Published on:March 10, 2014 1:16 pm

Amidst news of the upcoming elections, missing flights, and substandard naval equipment, India is gripped by another issue of national importance – is Salman Khan really planning on getting married, as some tabloid reports suggest? While we’re all ecstatic that Salman Khan will no longer have to live with the virginity tag, we’re really sad that we won’t be able to make jokes about his singledom anymore.

Here’s the funniest collection of Single Salman jokes we could find online:

The real reason why Salman Khan is a virgin:


Salman’s track record would put any medieval emperor with a hundred wives to shame:


The difference between Sallu Bhai’s age and his girlfriends’ ages will never stop being funny:


Even though he’s unmarried, Salman Khan has still given us some tips:


Salman should stop spending so much time with his bodyguard if he doesn’t want jokes like this on the internet:


Ah well, at least he’ll stop getting unwanted marriage proposals (hopefully):


Some people can even bring mathematics into the picture when Salman is involved:


And last but not least, some people will do anything to build a fan base:


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