Dilip Kumar takes wife Saira Banu’s advice and feels comfortable. Here’s how, see photo

Dilip Kumar is doing well and the news of his death are, well, greatly exaggerated. The 94-year-old actor took to Twitter to share a cute picture of himself in a new shirt and a trouser. The veteran actor is looking dapper as always but what makes this picture special, is the caption he has written along with it.

Written by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru | Updated: June 24, 2017 9:55 am
dilip kumar, dilip kumar twitter, dilip kumar images Dilip Kumar shared a picture of himself on Twitter where he wore a shirt and a trouser of his wife  Saira Banu’s choice.

On Friday, veteran actor Dilip Kumar had to post a series of tweets to confirm that he is doing well and the reports of his demise are fake again. As per reports, the veteran actor and his wife Saira Banu were in for a rude shock on Thursday night when they were bombarded with phone calls and messages inquiring about Dilip Kumar’s health. After rubbishing the rumours of his death, Dilip Kumar posted a picture of himself in a new shirt and a trouser, which his wife Saira Banu asked him to try.

In the picture, the 94-year-old actor is looking dapper as always but what makes this picture special, is the cute caption he has written along with it. The Ram Aur Shyam actor wrote, “Saira asked me to try this new shirt and pant. Comfortable.” Later he shared another picture after lunch where he is seen enjoying a cup of green tea.

While clearing the rumours of his death, Dilip Kumar wrote, “I’ve been away from this medium for sometime; my heart has been with all of you. Your greetings, dua’s and wishes have touched me immensely. Allah’s mercy has been upon us, my health has been much better this Ramazan. Could not fast due to regular medication and irregular sleep. God’s infinite mercy has been upon Saira and I. Your love and adulation for us can never be thanked enough.”

In a series of tweets, he wrote, “Still get so many invitations to accept awards and honors. My health makes it difficult to travel and be there personally, but thank you! Murari Bapuji sent the Natraj Award from Mahua. Saira received it in April 2017 at our home in Pali Hill. Thank you again!”

Dilip Kumar also replied to a few tweets addressed to him. A fan wrote, “Sir, both of you are our elders. Your blessings are more than enough. You do not need to thank us. We are all thankful to you. 🙏🏽.” Dilip Kumar replied, “My blessings are always for each and everyone of you!”

Another fan tweeted to the actor, “love & respect for you sir i am in my 30s still watch your films and enjoy it
The true legend. May god bless you saira ji with healthy life.” To this, he replied, “And I worked in few of those movies when I was in my 30s. God bless you.” Isn’t that a cute reply!

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We wish him a good health.

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