Dear Zindagi, Shah Rukh Khan understands a woman like no man ever will. Here’s proof

Shah Rukh Khan's role in Dear Zindagi is just an extended cameo but the actor thanks Gauri Shinde (director) for giving him such a different role.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 23, 2016 4:10 pm
dear zindagi,alia bhatt, shah rukh khan Dear Zindagi: Shah Rukh Khan plays counselor and Alia Bhatt is seeking his help.

Shah Rukh Khan is not the lead of the film Dear Zindagi. His role in the film is just an extended cameo but the actor still thanks Gauri Shinde (Dear Zindagi director) for offering him a role that he never attempted in the past 25 years of the acting career. King Khan plays the role of a psychologist but while describing his role, he says words like life-coach or mentor are extremely heady to describe his character Dr. Jehangir Khan.

“I will specifically say that we live in a man’s world unfortunately. We talk about feminism and women empowerment. The beauty of this film is that without being preachy, a bunch of confident women have made this film which says that whatever, wherever, with whoever a woman does anything that is correct without being judgmental on the same. So, I feel this movie will leave an impression on men too,” he told during a press conference here. He added, “Words like life coach and mentor are too strong for my character. I am surely a professional counsellor in the film. But it’s more of a person who is a listener.”

He further added that women who are capable of solving their own issues need nothing but a good non-judgemental listener. “I think what Gauri and Alia and everyone in the film have realised is that a woman doesn’t want someone to solve their problems. They can do that on their own. They just want a good listener and a good hug, and that’s what a professional counsellor does.”

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He also prefers working with women directors. “I am more comfortable working with female directors. I find being directed by men also… who are a little more women-like sensitive… there is a quality to that sensitivity. Of course, I have worked with directors, who are action directors, which is also cool but I think, yes, I am more comfortable working with female directors,” Shah Rukh told media.

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Even though the actor is called King of Bollywood, he feels there is still a lot to know about acting. “The best part of being an actor is that with every passing day you realise how little you are. Everyday, I realise how little I know about acting. I feel the less you know, the better actor you will be,” he said.

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In an interview, he also explained that how it never mattered to him that what the story is. For him, the people and their intention matter the most. He said, “I don’t connect to stories, I just connect to people. People think ‘I will make a film with him because he will make a superhit’. It is not like that, I never ever listen to stories and people think I am lying when I say it, but I am not.”

Starring Alia Bhatt as the lead, Dear Zindagi – directed by Gauri Shinde – is a slice-of-life film which will release on November 25. The film also stars Angad Singh, Kunal Kapoor and a few more.

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