Dear Maya actor Manisha Koirala: Contemporary directors are the future

To fans of Dear Maya actor, we can guarantee that Manisha Koirala is still an ethereal beauty. She can be a new kind of role model now. Despite busy schedules and exhaustion, the 46-year-old actor exhibited immense strength while talking about Dear Maya.

Written by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Published: May 31, 2017 4:51 pm
manisha koirala,manisha koirala images, manisha koirala pics, manisha koirala pictures, manisha koirala photos Manisha Koirala believes when you create the right kind of programming in your system, a tough life can become an easy one.

The woman who once dominated the film industry with films like Dil Se, Mann and Bombay will be returning to screen again with Dear Maya, which is produced by Bake My Films and directed by young filmmaker Sunaina Bhatnagar.  To her fans, we can guarantee Manisha Koirala is still the ethereal beauty she was years ago. Despite being unwell, the 46-year-old actor was full of energy during an exclusive chat with

Manisha Koirala has worked with some of the biggest directors back in the 90s and now she chose to make her comeback with young director Sunaina Bhatnagar’s film, Dear Maya. On asking her what kind of a future she sees for Bollywood, she said, “Contemporary directors are the future. The younger generation, they make such beautiful movies, they make films on different subjects with different kind of treatments, so it’s a great time. It is the time for the younger generation now. When you have a good script and a good director it is very important to have good producers.”

With releases like Dear Maya, MOM, Begum Jaan, Dear Zindagi, the industry has shown interest in making women-centric films. While chatting about how women based film have started gaining grounds in the industry, the actor mentioned, “I think Bollywood has a very bright future because the kind of films directors are making and audience is accepting is really nice.”

On asking her about the various challenges she faced during her comeback as an actor she said, “I don’t know if I had any difficulty, I’m more focus about what challenges I had and to do my part as an actor.”

So how did she manage to deal with the sudden challenges life had thrown towards her? While talking about her real and reel life, Manisha said, “I believe in certain things, I believe situations can be tough and easy but if you have a certain programming inside you, that you use when a situation comes up, then life becomes easy. You have a kuch bhi ho jaye thik hai attitude. You become that kind of a person who doesn’t get bogged down with the various challenges life throws at you.”

So what’s next after Dear Maya?  “Some more good movies and a healthy happy life I guess,” she said and signed off.

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