Armaan Malik on actors taking up singing: Its narrow to think I belong to only Bollywood

Armaan Malik spoke to about the influences while growing up, love for music and taking Bollywood to an international platform. The singer also addressed the controversy over lead actors singing in their film, which shook the industry recently.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: July 3, 2017 12:39:34 pm
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After Arijit Singh, the man who has been ruling our hearts with his soulful romantic voice is Armaan Malik who has been giving back-to-back hits. Whether with his romantic numbers like Main Hoon Hero Tera (Hero 2015 release) or party rockers like Buddhu Sa Mann (Kapoor and Sons), the singer has cemented his place in the industry. But the singer was caught in the midst of a controversy when he spoke against actors singing in films and events.

It all started with Armaan and Sonakshi exchanging harsh words on social media on the issue. Armaan, it seems, has made peace with it. Now referring to the same situation, Armaan says it is stupid to think that he is capable of singing only in Bollywood. In an exclusive conversation with, Armaan said, “I think it is narrow to think that I only belong to Bollywood industry. I, as a musician, want to do a lot in the music zone for myself. Not only English songs, I want to explore different languages and genres, don’t just want to stick here. Bollywood is one aspect of me and it made me Armaan Malik but I want to take that and move forward, take Indian music to global level. I have bigger passion and goals. I want to do a lot of things on the global level. If you look at Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Drake, all these artists, even though they work in America, their work is known around the world while ours is just famous among Indians living abroad. I would want to make Indian music famous everywhere, irrespective of the audience being from any race, caste or language.”

While he says Bollywood is not the only option available to him, he agrees that without the tag of being a famous Bollywood singer, making it big internationally will be difficult. “It would have been impossible without having the Bollywood background. I am never going to say that I regret doing Bollywood, and coming from a music background, it is natural I had inclination towards film music but I don’t want to limit myself.”

Armaan is one of those celebrities whose family has always been connected to Bollywood. He has grown up looking at his father Daboo Malik and uncle Anu Malik composing for films. However, his family did not wanted him to be a part of this industry.

“They were hesitant when we told them that we want to be in this line. My mom and dad have seen lows. In my family, one half is extremely successful, Anu Malik, while the other has not seen that kind of success. We were not even financially well off. So, we were told to focus on education. I am trying to complete my graduation, which is a different ball game altogether but its always good to have a plan B. My parents were not really keen on us joining the industry but they did not even stop us. They said if life takes you towards music, which eventually happened, do whatever it takes to do best in it. You’ve to prove yourself.”

He added how his father has been a great inspiration. “I think, I learned a lot from my dad. He has seen more downs than ups in his life. I think that teaches me and my brother a lot about work ethics and how to handle success. He always told us one thing which is to keep our head firmly on shoulders and don’t think that you have done something great. Everyday is a new day. So even if you have worked hard, the next day you have to put in more efforts. You should not work towards getting awards or success but towards getting good work.”

But in the formative years in the industry, Armaan instantly got success. Has he been able to handle it? “I handle it really well. I don’t take it to my head and enjoy it. It is rare that someone enjoys this kind of fame at such a young age. I enjoy that. And I feel its a blessing. But I don’t think I am big, if you do think such a way, you start behaving differently. In my head, there’s a difference between Armaan at home and in the world outside. When the fame increases, things will automatically become difficult.”

Having said that, he also explains how he feels useless amid people after a point of time. “It does happen sometime because it gets overload of photos. After a while, my mouth hurts after smiling for photos and selfies. I usually don’t say no to fans but I think I should because after a while, you feel irritated and feel if you are only there to take photos and your work doesnt matter. There has to be a line drawn,” said the singer who performed at FLYP @ MTV in New Delhi.

In the beginning, he spoke about singing in different languages but has he been able to fulfill his dream? “Yes, I have sung in Asamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayali and many other languages.” But does he think it’s easy to sing in other industries or there is less of competition? “I think a lot of south music directors are taking to Bollywood singers because they like a bit of non South Indian touch to it. I do feel their local talent is not being promoted because they don’t get chances as much as Bollywood do but its solely because how they like the texture and way we sing in their language.”

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