Arjun Kapoor: I never thought Alia Bhatt would be such a good actress

Arjun Kapoor spills the beans on being the typical Punjabi, nerdy and cute Krish and his much talked about intimate scene with Alia in '2 States'.

Arjun Kapoor: Every role is equally difficult and easy and it's always a new experience. (Photo: Varinder Chawla) Arjun Kapoor: Every role is equally difficult and easy and it's always a new experience. (Photo: Varinder Chawla)
By: | Mumbai | Published on:April 12, 2014 11:28 am

Raw and Rugged, Arjun Kapoor’s recent hit ‘Gunday’ proved to be one of the highest grossers of the year. But breaking away from the image of the action packed man with guns, he plays the romantic collegian Krish in ‘2 States’, an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s semi autobiographical novel. Born in a North Indian family, Arjun has a lot to reveal about being the typical Punjabi, playing the nerdy and cute Krish, his much talked about intimate scene with Alia along with spilling some beans on his role in ‘Finding Fanny’ and a lot more in this candid conversation.

What was the most difficult part about playing Krish Malhotra in 2 States?
Every role is equally difficult and easy and it’s always a new experience. But while playing Krish, I chose not to learn the lines of the character and decided to improvise on it. It was difficult but I did it on purpose, so that I could give a new and fresh perspective to those dialogues.

Since the film is an adaptation of the book, did you find it pressurizing to keep up to the expectations of the character in the novel?
I haven’t read the book, so there wasn’’t any kind of pressure. I had read only the script written by Abhishek and that was pretty self sufficient. I know that it’s inspired from Chetan’s real life but since he named the characters Krish and Ananya, I never looked at it from that perspective. I felt the same excitement and pressure that I would have felt while doing any other role. It was only when the trailer hit the screen that I realized how much of a fan following the book has. It had hits that Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Agneepath got after its release. Now, the only pressure I feel is that I hope we have done it right for the book lovers. They should feel proud that we have adapted the book correctly.

You belong to a Punjabi family in real life too… do you think the film has rightly covered the minute details of the culture well?
Firstly, not every family has all the traits. However, when it comes to a film, we may have to generalize it, for people to relate to it. But, we haven’t made it caricature-ish. It’s stereotypical because the generation before us did differ in their outlook. We are representing them in a very honest way. The idea is to make people relate to it! We want people to tell that these things have happened in their family. In India, every family where a guy/girl is about to get married, parents often ask about their respective partner – Achcha ladka Punjabi hai, Gujarati hai? This can happen anywhere …continued »

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