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Akshat Singh gets standing ovation on The Ellen Show

Ankit rode into The Ellen Show on a little bike . Ankit rode into The Ellen Show on a little bike .
Written by Apurva Singh , Edited by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: February 18, 2014 5:31 pm

Eight-year-old Akshat Singh, has become famous all over the world because of his Salman Khan like moves. Chubby little Ankit, rode into The Ellen Show on a little bike and went on to perform tough routine of headstands, cartwheels and Bollywood-style dance moves.

The moment he finished doing his fancy breath taking splits, audience was on its feet clapping and cheering up loudly.
Akshat, who hails from city of joy Kolkata, is a semi-finalist on the show India’s Got Talent.
Ankit flew to USA last week after being invited onto the show by host Ellen DeGeneres herself. The pocket sized power house who is also a Salman Khan fan was about to dance to a hit song from Salman’s film but could not get the permission to use the track in time for his performance.

Nevertheless, Akshat enthralled people and received a new bike with his name on it as a gift from Ellen.
When Ellen asked Akshat about his dancing routine at home, he said, “I dance everyday for three hours and eat for the rest of the time.” He further added, “If you don’t put petrol into the car it wouldn’t run,” which got him loud claps and made people laugh.
Watch Akshat dance on The Ellen Show:

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