My issue with Karan Johar has nothing to do with our profession: Ajay Devgn on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Pakistani actors

Ajay Devgn is someone who doesn't mince words while expressing his opinion. In a no holds barred interview with Indian, Ajay opens up on his equation with Karan Johar

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: October 9, 2016 10:38:55 am
Ajay Devgn, savdhaan india, savdhaan india tv show, savdhaan india host, savdhaan india host ajay devgn, Ajay Devgn host In a no holds barred interview with Indian, Ajay Devgn opens up on his equation with Karan Johar

Ajay Devgn is someone who doesn’t mince words while expressing his opinion. In a no holds barred interview with Indian, Ajay opens up on his equation with Karan Johar, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Pakistani actors.

After the teaser launch of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (ADHM), PVR tweeted calling it the year’s most awaited blockbuster but why no tweet after the trailer launch of Shivaay…

(Cuts in) Not really. They (PVR) are partners with us.

In that case how do you see the clash between Shivaay and ADHM because we do see a big competition unfolding between you and Karan Johar?

There is no clash. Both films will release. All will see both these films. Some will like both. Some will like only one and finally the movie that is better will work. So where is the clash?

So are things okay with Karan now?

No. My issue with Karan is on a different level. It’s got nothing to do with the film. It’s got nothing to do with our professions.

 What is the issue between you and Karan about?

I wouldn’t want to talk about it. That’s a different issue altogether. That’s got nothing with our profession.

Any possibility of you two coming together for a professional collaboration ever?

Not at the moment.

How many screens will Shivaay release on?

I don’t know the exact count now.

Many on social media suggested that MNS’ proposed ban slapped on ADHM will benefit Shivaay and its screen numbers. How do you see it panning out?

I don’t think it (ADHM) will face any problems. Such things (boycott call) have happened earlier also and films have released. So I don’t think there will be a problem.

The hashtag Daring Devgn was trending after your TV channel interview yesterday. What motivated you to take a stand when other superstars clearly shied away?

I don’t think I am the first one to take a stand.

But you are the first superstar to take a stand saying that you won’t work with Pakistani actors….

Honestly speaking, I am following what IMPPA has said and I feel the same. I have worked with Pakistani actors and musicians and I am their fan but right now the situation is not right. Pakistani actors have got together to support their nation and here we need to support ours. We hope that the problem gets over soon so that we can start working again. But right now I think it is very important for everyone of us to stand by our nation and also for the security forces as they are fighting for all of us and for themselves as well. You can’t behave that everything is fine and normal while they are dying. What will be their morale? If somebody is fighting for you, will you care for that person or will you not?

Then why is Bollywood as a whole not coming out?

I think Bollywood is coming out. I don’t think they are not coming out. Some people are quiet but a lot of people have condemned. It was not that I was taking a stand, I was just trying, to be honest about what I feel. Even Akshay Kumar also came out with something. But he has not taken a stand like you. He has said let’s help the army and their families. Stand is something that you have taken…(Cuts in) What are we scared of? And why should be we scared of? If I am embarrassed by supporting my nation then what is the point?

Perhaps losing out a fan base in Pakistan?

I don’t think you will lose out your fan base there (Pakistan). Honestly speaking every sensible person be it a Hindu or a Muslim, Indian or Pakistani, understands the situation right now. I am not condemning Pakistan or their people, Pakistan people and actors are not terrorists. But right now what they are doing is they are standing by their country and they should stand by their country. And what should we do? Stand by our country. And once the issue is solved and things get back to normal, I am sure that we will hug each other and everything is going to be fine! I hope it is and things happen like this.

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