Bigg Boss Season 10, Episode 4 20th October 2016 written update: Priyanka Jagga, Karan Mehra observe Karwa Chauth

Bigg Boss Season 10, Episode 4 20th October 2016 written update: Priyanka Jagga and Karan Mehra get emotional by seeing their family pictures on Karva Chauth. Swami Omji and Mona Lisa face punishment in Bigg Boss jail

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: October 21, 2016 2:00:33 pm
Bigg Boss Season 10, Bigg Boss Season 10 episode 4, Bigg Boss Season 10 20th October 2016, Bigg Boss Season 10, Episode 4 written update Bigg Boss Season 10, Episode 4 20th October 2016 written update: Priyanka observes Karwa Chauth and asks all women that even if they are not fasting, they must do pooja for their husbands, as she is doing.

Priyanka Jagga puts Rohan behind the bars, by using her special right as a Maalik, as Rohan spilled water on her. They both indulge into a fight and after few minutes Priyanka releases Rohan from the jail. Priyanka is eating dinner with everyone when she says that she has never kept Karva Chauth for her husband. Bigg Boss announces that after the end of the given task, two contestants will be the prisoners and they will stay in the jail for a longer span of time.

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Bigg Boss shows three riddles to celebrity contestants. They start guessing the answers. Gaurav tries to seek out the answer by conversing with Priyanka, by asking her whether she had run from her marriage. Bigg Boss asks for the replies to the riddles and celebrities guess the answers wrong. Lokesh, Navin, Manveer, Nitibha and Priyanka start revealing their secrets as asked by Bigg Boss. Celebrities lose the game of Raaz and they still remain at the position of Sevak. Bigg Boss congratulates Indiawaale on their win. Rohan tries to clarify his stand about the water episode to Priyanka. Karan observes a Karwa Chauth fast for his wife, Nisha. Swami requests Bigg Boss to put Rohan in a jail for using inappropriate words against him. Rohan clarifies his misunderstandings with Swami and gives a high five to him. Priyanka teaches Lopa how to use a broom and clean the room, which Lopa doesn’t like. They both indulge in a fight. Bigg Boss announces that each team will nominate a candidate for their team who did not perform well in the task and will be liable for punishment in the jail. Mona Lisa nominates her name for going to the jail, whereas Swami nominates his name from the Sevak’s team. Mona Lisa announces jail’s rule and regulations. Navin says that he took Swami and Akanksha’s name because they did mistakes in the task. Priyanka performs pooja for Karwa Chauth and appeals in the camera that even if the ladies are not fasting, they must do the rituals for their husbands, as she is doing. She says that she wants to win this game by any means.

Priyanka asks Rohan and Lopa to stay away from her and keep quiet as she has to do Karwa Chauth’s pooja, while Swami will chant mantras. Swami keeps his hand on Priyanka’s head and chants mantras. Priyanka gets angry on Mona that she is not keeping quiet while Priyanka is performing her rituals. Mona says that Priyanka is only doing this for the camera and she is acting. She says that if Priyanka is so keen about the rituals then she must fulfill them completely. Swami interrupts in a cat fight of Priyanka and Mona. Priyanka tells Mona that she is not supposed to know any rituals as she is not married and she is the one who is acting because she is an actor.

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Manveer jumps into the fight and backs Priyanka. Lokesh asks Priyanka that why she did not perform the ritual completely, to which Priyanka answers that she wanted to change her clothes, which is why she performed the rituals and didn’t wait for the moon to appear. Manveer asks Lokesh on which side she is. She answers that she is on the side of ‘insaaniyat’ and she will support anyone, who is right. Bigg Boss shows the family pictures of Karan and Priyanka to them. Karan gets emotional by seeing Nisha’s picture and he cries.

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