Bigg Boss 10, 26th October 2016 written update: Navin lashes out at Rohan, wins the task for Indiawale

In Bigg Boss 10's Thursday episode, Indiawale win the laundry task and become the Maaliks again.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: October 27, 2016 12:52:39 pm
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In Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, contestants wake up to the song “Woh Sikandar Hi Doston Kehlata Hai”. Navin is shown making parathas in breakfast for celebrities. Rohan asks him to make scrambled eggs, to which Navin replies that “this is not a restaurant where you can order anything.” Rohan discusses this with Gaurav Chopra. Swami tells Rahul that Akanksha is saying she does not know how to make coffee or how to light the gas and has asked him to make coffee. Rahul says he’ll make it. Bani and Akanksha get into an argument where Akanksha says she didn’t like when she said that you can’t roam around.

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Laundry task starts and both the teams grab the clothes. Rahul gets angry at team Indiawale. Manveer suggests Akanksha should tell everyone that they should not fight over these tasks as they have to meet in future and should not spoil their relations. Swami tells Manu that he is not here to entertain them but for winning tasks. Task starts again and Bani takes a cloth from the other side. Swami follows her and tries to snatch the cloth from her.

Rohan gets angry, abuses Manveer and jumps in front of him. Manveer is stopped by Rahul from hitting Rohan. Navin comes to hit Rohan as he provokes them but Rahul pushes him to stop him from hitting Rohan. Navin gets angry at Rahul but he says that he was just stopping him as he can’t hit anybody. Manu asks Rohan to stop his madness but he says he won’t and starts playing guitar with the broom. Manu asks Rahul to stop him. Rohan says why should he stop. Navin steps in and plays guitar with the broom and sings “O O Jaane Jaana”.

Manveer asks Manu to talk to Rohan and make him understand. Manu tries to talk to Rohan. Bani tells Manveer they can’t do tasks. Rohan points out at the stains and smells the clothes. Rohan again starts screaming that he can’t cheat in his task. Rohan starts singing “Just Chill Chill” with the broom. Navin pours water on clean clothes of the celebrity team. Bani pushes him and says that he has gone mad.

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Karan Mehra and celeb team request Bigg Boss to take some action as all their hard work has been wasted now. Also, Indiawale also request Bigg Boss to consider their hard work too. Indiawale tell Navin to at least discuss once before taking any action. Navin says he came alone and he won’t ask anyone. They send clothes to the Bigg Boss. In the meanwhile, Indiawale team asks Navin to control his temper. Bigg Boss sends back rejected clothes. Bigg Boss announces that they have rejected all four clothes of celebrity team as they were all wet. And one out of three clothes sent by Indiawale is rejected and hence they are the winners and asks celeb team to hand over the ‘Hukkum Ki Ghanti’ to Indiawale team. Naveen says he knew one of the two things would happen. Either he would get punishment or they will win the task.

The day, full of friction, ends with Lokesh getting teary-eyed as she is missing her family. Manu consoles her and says he will always be there for her.

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