Bigg Boss 10: When Sunny Leone felt contestant’s videos were ‘too obscene’, scrapped them

Bigg Boss 10: Housemates make obscene videos for a task, now what happened to their entire 'I will protect my image' attitude?

Written by A. Kameshwari | Updated: November 23, 2016 12:30:19 pm
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The contestants on Bigg Boss 10 are ready to do anything that gets them the required limelight and keeps them away from being nominated. We have already seen ex-contestant Priyanka Jagga who peed in her pants to save herself from getting nominated. This week, the contestants have been given a task to make videos in order to save themselves from nominations and they are taking it a bit too seriously.

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Would you be shocked if we tell you that Sunny Leone felt that the videos made by the contestants were way too obscene to be aired on national television? Well, yes that happened. The very first video made by the contestants was scrapped because of adult content and obscenity. In fact, Lopamudra Raut and Bani J, who were heading two different teams for the task, were called by Bigg Boss in confession room to make them understand that they are on national television.

The question here is how the celebs and commoners, who till now were very protective of their image, managed to irk Sunny and Bigg Boss? According to the task, the housemates were given a bed as their first prop and asked to make a video. The housemates were divided into two groups for the task – Team A was headed by Lopamudra Raut with Manoj Punjabi, Swami Om, Mona Lisa, Rohan Mehra as the group members while Team B was headed by Bani J, who had Rahul Dev, Manveer Gurjar, Gaurav Chopra and Nitibha Kaul in her team.

To create a viral video, Bani’s team decided to do a gay act during which they will aggressively rip off their clothes. Meanwhile, the other team had Manoj Punjabi and Mona Lisa enacting scenes, which were considered inappropriate for national television. In fact, even Sunny Leone, who is judging the entire task, was surprised to see what they were up to.

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The actor told Bigg Boss that she doesn’t think any video of such sort should be aired on TV. Agreeing with her decision, Bigg Boss called up Lopa and Bani to make them understand that they are not supposed to make video which adult content and scrapped the first video and provided them with another set-up.

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Well, it seems that a few of the housemates are giving way to their intentions while others are just figuring out the difference between viral adult video and viral entertaining video. The result will be on the basis of likes or dislikes the videos get by Sunny Leone. Whoever gets more like or thumbs up on their video – that entire team gets safe but the one who has more dislikes gets nominated for the week. However, Rohan, in whatever situation, will be safe from the nominations as he is the captain of the house. So, who do you think will nail the task?

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