Bigg Boss 10: Lokesh Sharma, Navin Prakash fight it out for immunity

Bigg Boss 10: Indiawale elect Lokesh Kumari Sharma and Navin Prakash for immunity task. Who will emerge the winner?

Written by A. Kameshwari | Updated: October 28, 2016 1:41 pm
bigg boss 10, navin, indiawale, lokesh sharma Bigg Boss 10: Lokesh Sharma, Navin Prakash have been selected for immunity task for week 2.

Bigg Boss 10 luxury budget task has come to an end, turning the tables on the celebs who are again the sevaks of the house. The commoners have won the throne of being a malik and are in a celebratory mood. The celebrities are disappointed that Indiawale broke so many rules and yet won the task. But the happiness of the commoners will not last long because two members of their team have to fight for immunity. And when it is a fight for life then things are bound to get dirty.

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After the Indiawale contestants will the luxury budget task and become the Maliks of the house, Bigg Boss gives them a special privilege where they have to elect two strong contenders who contributed maximum to the task for immunity. After discussing amongst themselves, Indiawale elect Lokesh and Navin who are then asked to fight it out in an immunity task. Bigg Boss allots a set of blocks (dominos) to each housemate and both Navin and Lokesh have to impress them and collect the set of blocks from them to create a straight line.

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The one with a maximum number of dominos standing in a straight line will be declared as the winner of the task. Lokesh tries to impress celebrities and other Indiawale by preparing food for them and entertaining them thus winning most of the votes in her favour.

When Navin realises that Lokesh is ahead of him and winning, he engages her in a conversation and destroys her blocks. As Lokesh sees her blocks, tumbling and falling on the ground, she becomes furious and lashes out at Navin for sabotaging her task. It leads to a major fight between them when Lokesh calls him names and also breaks down. Navin tells her that it is just a task and he is playing a game. Will Lokesh win the task and get immunity from the next nominations? Stay tuned to know more.

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