Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2, 17th October Live Updates: Commoners try to make the life of celebs difficult through undue demands

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 2, 17th October Live Updates: Bigg Boss 10 house witnesses it's first clashes and arguments as commoners go against the celebs.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 18, 2016 4:47 pm
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Bigg Boss 10 began on a glittering note on Sunday. Actor Salman Khan returned as the host of television’s most controversial show, as its host for seventh time. While the latest season’s new format of giving place to even common people along with celebrities, has already caught the audience eye.

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Salman welcomed 15 contestants on the show during its premiere night. This includes 7 celebs and 8 commoners. Stars like Bani J, Gaurav Chopra, Rahul Dev, Karan Mehra, Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra are on the celebrity side, the aam-aadmi is being represented by Manveer Gurjar, Lokesh Kumari, Priyanka Jagga and Manoj Punjabi.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:38 pm

Celebs are waiting for the commoners to sleep so that even they can hit the bed, as according to the rule book, they cannot sleep before the commoners. In the preview clip for tomorrow’s episode, we see a clash between the two sides over the demands and food. Swami’s remark shocks some female contestants. Priyanka ends up crying for some reason. We’ll get to see all this and more in the next episode.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:28 pm

Bani complains about bathroom hygiene. She asks the members to thrown the tissues properly and the men to not spoil the commode seat.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:24 pm

Bigg Boss asks the celebs to nominate two commoners after taking mutual decision. The celebs go inside their bedroom. Lopa takes the name of Manu and Priyanka. All of them have a discussion. They return to the living room. Bigg Boss asks Gaurav to give the two names and he says Manu and Priyanka. He says there isn’t any one reason but because they haven’t interacted with them much.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:20 pm

Akanksha nominates Rahul and Monalisa (hasn’t interacted with them)
Manoj nominates Bani and Gaurav (sees them as competition)
Priyanka nominates Bani and Gaurav (misunderstanding over the question of age)
Navin nominates Gaurav and Rahul (can’t order them)
Nitibha nominates Rahul and Monalisa (less interaction)
Om nominates Bani and Gaurav (Bani spoils peace and Gaurav has unclean thoughts)
Lokesh nominates Lopa and Mona (Lopa is lazy and less interaction with Mona)
Manveer nominates Lopa and Mona (both are fake)

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:09 pm

Before the episode goes for its commercial break, we see a clip with a caption “Breaking from BB house” where Manoj is cribbing that nothing can be done about the tantrums of the people in the house.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:08 pm

Bigg Boss announces the first nomination process. He says celebs will nominate commoners and commoners will nominate celebs.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:07 pm

Commoners are discussing about the poor quality of food the celebs cooked. They are accusing Bani for being a snob about doing work and not asking for help from other celebs.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:06 pm

Priyanka asks about the films Gaurav has done. Gaurav tells her that he has not done Indian films but outside it. He tells her he already knows Rahul Dev. Priyanka asks him about any of his work which she can watch. Gaurav tells her to watch him in Bigg Boss, which she says she is already watching him doing that.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:04 pm

Gaurav asks the commoners to take bath so that even the celebs can take bath after that. Priyanka asks him to clean the swimming pool as they will swim before taking bath. Gaurav tells this to Bani which she doesn’t like as she had apparently cleaned the pool already.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:03 pm

Lopa asks Navin if he can help her do her manicure, and Navin agrees.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201611:01 pm

Nitibha says the Sevaks cannot use utensils to eat food. Hence, they need to use their hands and eat on banana leaves. But there is nothing written that commoners needs to eat before the celebs. Gaurav says there is another rule that the commoners can create their own new rule. Manveer and Manoj check the rule book about the entire confusion, whether they can add bowl with the banana leaves, as eating oats would be difficult without a bowl. Manveer says since this time celebs cooked for them and allowed the commoners to eat before them, this should continue. It should not happen that the celebs eat before them.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:57 pm

During a chat on the dining table, Swami reveals that when he was born, he did not cry but began speaking words directly. Manoj asks him in what language. Swami said it was Hindi, as told to him by his Guruji, though he doesn’t remember that. “Sabka dukh karenge door, chola laal” were the first words he uttered in life, Swami said.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:55 pm

Gaurav and Rahul are helping in the kitchen. Lopa tells Manoj not to serve food from one particular part, because that is their budget. Priyanka tells Rohan that the food isn’t cooked well. Manoj says the food has no spices and seems like it is cooked for an infant. Priyanka says even her sons won’t eat it.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:52 pm

Lopamudra claims that no celeb in the house knows how to cook. Manoj Punjabi thrashes her saying she was supposed to cook Aloo parathas hence she should concentrate on doing that. Priyanka asks Lopa to put sugar in her tea. Bani is cleaning the swimming pool and explains to Akanksha why she took up the task, as an order from the commoners. Hence, she is not in the kitchen.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:49 pm

The makers of Bigg Boss have put name tickers with all the common contestants, in order to make the audience familiar with their faces. This is a good thing for the new viewers. Here we have Manveer advising his gang of commoners to remain united and not have any kind of clash between themselves. Only then can they target the celebs. Swami Om gives reason why he cannot remained outside the house for too long. He says considering he is a bachelor for life, his body has much more unused energy than the remaining people who have utilized that energy by getting into physical relationships with their partners. Hence, if he stays out in the sun, it’ll be harmful to him.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:45 pm

So we have the first official argument on the show. Priyanka Jagga and Bani J have a rift over some misunderstanding about age. Priyanka asked Bani’s age which Bani couldn’t reply properly. The way these people ran towards the store room and got happy seeing all the food items, is something that can happen only inside the house. At least contestants of this show always end up valuing food after experiencing shortage all the time.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:42 pm

While the commoners will enjoy all the luxuries inside the house, the celebrities will experience major hardships, when they cannot use the gym, the Jacuzzi, and other facilities without the permission of the common people. That’s not all. While they’ll cook good food for their ‘Maliks’, they themselves will eat only boiled food, as they are the ‘Sevaks’.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:41 pm

Swami Om’s day began much before other contestants, when he tried to teach other contestants to take to yoga early morning. The way Bigg Boss woke each contestant with the hit Bollywood song “Saare Niyam Tod Do” gives us a clue that there might be several instances when the contestants will break the rules of the house. All the rules Navin Prakash announced to his fellow contestants, look like these people are in for some major trouble and difficult time in their very first week on the show.

mimansa.shekhar October 17, 201610:38 pm

We already saw a hint of friction between the two sides yesterday, we await to see how the tenth season kicks off. While Bigg Boss is known for its fights and controversies, even love has blossomed at regular intervals. We are already expecting the new season to be much more exciting and full of major twists. It looks like the very first day inside the Bigg Boss 10 house is set to remain full of action and conflicts. Considering each contestant is coming from a different background and hence, with a different temperament, it will surely be interesting to see how each one of them will react to the same given situation.