Bigg Boss 10: Is this the real story of Akanksha Sharma’s divorce from Yuvraj Singh’s brother?

These nine points from the divorce papers of Akanksha Sharma and Zoravar Singh, brother of Yuvraj Singh, are adding fuel to the fire of allegations.

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Akanksha Sharma, who is currently locked up inside the Bigg Boss 10 house, has allegedly more to her than what she revealed on the show to fellow contestant Gaurav Chopra recently. Akanksha shocked everyone when she made some startling confessions while entering the house on the premiere night a week back. And ever since, she has been a hot topic of discussion as she turned out to be Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s ex bhabhi!

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Out of the many things she spoke about her separation from Yuvraj’s younger brother Zoravar was her husband’s family accompanied her to honeymoon and that they even forced her to have a child. According to a report in DNA, there is more to this side of the story. The website apparently got hold of the divorce papers of the couple, and what lies in it will surely leave you sour-eyed. Read on what the divorce papers state.

1. The divorce proceedings are still on and that no dowry was involved.

Zorawar and Akanksha got married in February 2014 and filed for a divorce in April 2015. The papers state that “No dowry was taken” and Zoravar’s family did not accept any gift or cash.

2. Akanksha was reluctant to have any physical relationship with Zoravar, says the report.

Unlike Akanksha’s claims, the two went on their honeymoon to Goa, Dubai and Malaysia. But she always remained reluctant to come close to her husband. She even pestered him to shift to Gurgaon where her parents resided. According to Zorawar, abiding by her demand was his biggest mistake.

3. Akanksha was into drinking and drugs, according to report.

According to Zorawar, once they shifted to Gurgaon, Akanksha began her late night outings and would return home drunk and even got into substance abuse with her friends. When his family tried to put a check on her, Akanksha got furious.

4. Due to the trauma both Zorawar and his mother had to be taken to the hospital.

5. Akanksha refused to visit a marriage counsellor.

Shabnam informed Akanksha’s mother, who was her good friend, about the habits of her daughter. Even Yuvraj tried to counsel her but in vain.

6. Akanksha’s never ending demands went out of hand.

Due to her lifestyle, her financial demands kept growing by the day. If she was not given money by her in-laws, she would create a scene.

7. She even threatened Zorawar of killing herself.

8. Even her own parents became helpless.

Despite several warnings, Akanksha disrespected even her parents. They couldn’t help their daughter as well.

9. Akanksha posted indecent pictures to insult the family, is yet another allegation according to divorce papers.

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Akanksha’s stint inside the house has just begun. We need to see how much of this is true and if she has anything else to reveal about her past life on the show. Who is right in this he says, she says battle? Only time will tell.

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