Bigg Boss 10, 4th November 2016 written update: Bani and Lopa scuffle for immunity

In Bigg Boss 10, Manu tags Mona Lisa as the most beautiful woman in the house.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: November 5, 2016 12:53:01 am
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Celebs and Indiawale wakes up to ‘O Saathi Chal’ from Seeta Aur Geeta. Mona Lisa and Swami dance with each other even after the song is over. Navin Prakash and Manu Punjabi are busy in the kitchen as Swami is singing bhajjans. He breaks down while singing the bhajjan as everybody consoles him. Bigg Boss calls Lopa in the confession room to vote for three people she will compete against for immunity. Gaurav takes his name with Bani and Mona.

Lopa announces the three contestants for immunity and Bigg Boss asks her to pick a letter of instructions from the store room. She finds a ski and shoes inside and Gaurav helps her out with it. The task is to tie the shoes which will be attached to the skis. The last one to survive without falling off their shoes will win immunity. Until then, they will have to walk together. Bani and Navin get into a heated argument as he refuses to give them lunch and asks them to go and take it themselves.

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The celebrity team also tries to intervene but he refuses to listen to anyone. Mona Lisa gives up and unties her shoes. Swamiji applies some lotion on Mona Lisa’s back to soothe her from the pain. Lopa and Bani get into an argument as Lopa pulls the ski roughly. Bigg Boss announces that Nitibha Kaul and Karan Mehra can come out of jail now. Swamiji is putting Mona Lisa to sleep as Bani and Lopa are still at it. The task gets ugly when Lopa and Bani start playing it rough. Bani and Lopa fall and get up again as Navin accuses Bani of not cooperating. Bani unties Lopa’s shoe laces as they fall again. Bani pulls her feet when Lopa accuses her of getting physical. The celebrities are asking them to be careful but the two are focused on winning immunity. Bani pushes Lopa and leaves as they get into a heated argument. The skis break but they still keep walking and waiting for Bigg Boss’ instructions.

Bigg Boss asks Navin for the results when he declares that Lopa is the winner. Lopa will be safe from nominations this week. Bani and Lopa get into yet another argument. Manveer tells Bani how cowardly the celebrity team is and she agrees. Gaurav, Rohan and Rahul discuss about Bani’s ego. Bani tells Manveer that Rahul and Rohan always take Lopa’s side. Manveer expresses his disgust with Gaurav, Rohan, Karan and a few other contestants.

Bigg Boss introduces yet another luxury budget task, The Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz Task, where the contestants will be competing against each other. Both teams were asked questions about the opposing team revealing intimate details about their perceptions pertaining to each other. The first pair are Rohan and Manveer where Rohan makes a wrong guess about Manveer wanting to date Lopa. Bani and Manu follow Nitibha and Lopa. Manu reveals that he thinks Mona Lisa is the most beautiful woman in the house. The celebrities win the task and continue to rule the house. Manu and Lokesh have a conversation about Bani and Lokesh’s fight.

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