Bigg Boss 10, 13th November 2016 written update: Navin Prakash gets eliminated from the show

Bigg Boss 10, 13th November 2016 written update: Former contestants Tanisha and Andy cross-question Bani about her decisions as the captain of the house.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: November 14, 2016 12:34:40 pm
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Salman Khan opens the show with Himesh Reshammiya. Himesh enters the Bigg Boss house and all the contestants welcome him with his songs. He tells that he came in the house to promote his new album. Himesh asks everyone who according to them, will win the show. Manveer and Bani dance together on Himesh’s song ‘Teri Meri Prem Kahani’. He congratulates everyone and leaves the house. Himesh even lets Salman sing on his tunes.

Salman, then enters the house through television. Salman pairs the contestants for another task called ‘Mukka-laatein’. He pairs Bani with Lopa and Manveer with Gaurav. The one who will lose will become the personal sevak of the winner for 24 hours. Salman announces Navin to become the sanchalak or referee. Manveer and Lopa win their individual fights. Bani abuses Navin for taking unfair decision and Navin shouts at her.

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In the next scene, Salman calls Tanisha Mukerji and Andy, former participants of Bigg Boss to analyse this season. Tanisha says that celebs have become non-existent and on the other hand Indiawale are taking every step with planning and plotting. Tanisha and Andy meet the contestantson TV so that they can share their opinion. Andy tells Bani that she is his favorite, whereas Tanisha points out at her flaws. She tells Bani that she is not performing the captaincy well. She advises Bani that she should not be fickle minded and should stop pleasing others. Andy asks Manu that how did he feel when he went to the jail. Bani requests everyone to be patient and wait for her to be a nice captain. Andy compliments Lopa by saying that she is playing really well. Andy asks Swami about his future, where Swami replies to him that he is not an astrologer. Swami claims that he can never lie and everyone has a good laugh over it.

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Salman shows Swami’s conversations with himself in the secret room to everyone. Swami is shown calling Mona shameless and fake. He further says that he will win the show and will donate the whole amount in charity. Salman, then takes the name of Lokesh for eviction. Everyone packs her bag and drops Lokesh out of the house. Rahul and Manu start discussing about the eviction thing, where Manu says that according to him Navin should be the one who should have been evicted instead of Lokesh. Salman calls Rahul’s name and asks him to call Lokesh back, where Salman tells her that she is safe. Bigg Boss calls Navin’s name for eviction. Swami sobs while Navin tells everyone to be strong. He calls Manveer the hero of the house and Rahul Dev the zero of the house. Rahul in his reply says that he is not the kind of person who can indulge into politics of the house. Manveer, Mona and Manu sob because of Navin’s exit from the house. They discuss about Rahul and other celeb contestants.

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