Want to switch jobs? Keep these 10 things in mind

These smart tips will help you plan a smooth job change

By: Express Web Desk | Noida | Published: November 21, 2016 3:06 pm
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Are you one of those who no longer finds worth in the current job? Maybe you feel you do not fit well in the role or there is not future for you in the present profile. Whatever may be the reason, all you want is to switch to a new job. You do not need to feel anxious and trapped in your current position. If you are ready for a change, go ahead.

However, this change requires some research, a little bit of hard work, maybe some courage and of course some smart tips to help you plan a smooth job change. Here you go:

1. Research the job options well. Before you sit for interviews, think and research about what kind of job really interests you. Shortlist them.
2. Be clear about your goal. You should clearly know what exactly you are expecting from a job.
3. Figure out your likes and dislikes. Look for a job which you love doing.
4. Leverage your network. Someone has aptly said that the net worth of a person is his network. This can help you find the right job.
5. Consult those people who are highly experienced in the profession or industry you are interested in. They can give you advice as well as knowledge about it.
6. Analyse and if needed change, the way you hunt for a job. The recruitment industry is changing at a fast pace so make sure you know the “Dos and Don’ts” when applying for jobs.

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7. Remain flexible. Be open to flexibility because everything can’t go as per your wish always. There might be certain sacrifices you will have to make.
8. Know your strengths. It will help you choose the right job.
9. Leave you old job on a good note. Managing relationships will also help you in any kind of job.
10. Never let fear, anxiety or any other negative feeling come in the way of your happiness.

The article is authored by Vishesh Goyal, CEO, MeetCareer.com

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