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Tips for cracking JEE Advance 2016 

JEE Advanced 2016: Check out these tips and tricks to prepare for the examination scheduled to be held on May 22

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: May 13, 2016 5:06 pm
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Now that you have cleared your JEE Main 2016, you have to buckle up and start serious preparations for IIT JEE Advance 2016 (May 22).

While noticing the trends that aspirants are following these days when preparing for JEE Advanced, it is essential they keep in mind a strategy that will make matters easier.

The JEE Advance is not any regular entrance exam and is known to be tough as one needs to have an agile mind to apply tricks to form a particular strategy in solving the entire paper in three hours.

To crack JEE Advanced 2016 with excellent score is not a cake walk, you will surely need to keep few things in mind. Here are some tips to guide you:

Attentive mind and concentration: A candidate needs to be well-focused and be attentive while taking the exam as no matter how well one may know a formula, it is essential to understand it and have deeper clarity of it. He/she should practice the formulae repeatedly to clear all doubts.

Systematise time: Every subject that you cover in JEE Advance needs to be practiced thoroughly and one should always time themselves in order to notice how much time they take on solving every question and how well can they manage their speed. One should distinguish between the easy questions and the ones that take time and solve accordingly so that they do not end up wasting time or leave out important questions that really matter in the performance.

Attainable targets: An aspirant should not make unrealistic promises and goals for himself/herself since that will be a complete disappointment when not attained and can be very demoralising. One should keep daily agendas and reasonable goals that are not way too stressing and hard to fulfil.

Past year tests: It is essential to get to know how to solve a questionnaire and what all topics are covered in it to clear doubts. A brighter picture comes in front of an individual when he/she gets to know exactly how to perform and has an approximate idea of what the questionnaire could be about. To help a candidate gain more confidence, previous test papers should be practiced well.

Thorough revision and analysis: From day one of our educational journey we have been told by our elders to revise topics and never leave a topic if there is the slightest of confusion understanding it.

Essentially it is a must to analysis each subject and topic you go through and gauge your strength and weaknesses so that you know where you stand and which topics you need to lay more focus upon.

Revision on subjects and then testing yourself by practicing questions on the same is bound to give you a clear picture of where more improvement is required.

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Well-organised and methodical approach: You need not put in 10-12 hours in the day if you cannot manage to keep up your concentration, it is recommended that you organise your schedule that suits you best and where you have a fresh mind to retain subject matter. You need to be organised and have a set pattern that you practice all the while you prepare for JEE Advanced exam.

Optimistic mind-set: You need to keep away from negativity and always be self motivated with a strong mind and positive attitude as nothing can pull you back if you optimistic about things in your life.

Be updated: Make sure at all stages that you are well versed with the latest syllabus and refer to the current syllabus and then go ahead with your preparations. It would be disheartening if you land up for the exam and realize you have prepared with old syllabus patterns.

Strong yearn within to achieve goal: It is a must that you have a strong desire and a burning craving within to crack the JEE Advanced not for anyone else’s sake but for yourself. No one can make you work hard and lead to a result if u slack and do not have that wish to clear it in the first place.

– authored by Nitin Vijay, Managing director, Motion Education Pvt. Ltd.


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  1. Ganesh Kumar
    May 21, 2016 at 7:07 am
    NINE USEFUL TIPS FOR JEE ADVANCED lt;br/gt;Dear students , appearing for JEE Advanced 2016. Best of luck for your Exams. some last moment tips:-lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;1. Don't overexert yourself now . Have a good sleep tonight and write exam with a fresh and relaxed mind. lt;br/gt;2. Don't study anything new. Just revise formulae and go through notes , but keep it light and simple.lt;br/gt;3. In exam , attempt the easy questions first , irrespective of subject. Don't make the mistake of finishing one full section of Maths or Physics . lt;br/gt;4. Each subject will have some easy questions , first finish them , gain confidence , then attempt the remaining questions. lt;br/gt;5. Remember , no one scores 360/360 in JEE Advanced so don't try to be one by wasting too much time on one question. lt;br/gt;6. Read questions carefully , see which questions carry negative marks . IIT change this question pattern every year .lt;br/gt;7. If first paper goes bad don't loose heart , it may be a difficult paper and others also would have done badly . Concentrate on next paper after the break .lt;br/gt;8. During break between two papers , don't discuss answer / solutions with others . You will loose concentration and unnecessarily worry about mistakes of 1st Paper. lt;br/gt;9. In questions having no negative mark , do intelligent guess work if not able to solve it . Use tricks like , finding the answer for one particular value of n, use limiting case trick , method of elimination , use of symmetry etc.
    1. P
      Pawan Kumar
      May 30, 2016 at 12:03 pm
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