QS world university rankings: Universities with highest graduate employability in the world

QS world university rankings: This year two Australian universities and China's Tsinghua Univeristy have fared among the top 10.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 12, 2017 6:17 pm
top 10 universities, world best universities, top university, best university, QS world university rankings, times higher education, qs ranking, qs employability ranking, education news, indian express QS world university rankings: Stanford has been ranked the second best university in the world in the QS rankings and the third best according to Times Higher Education. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The QS world university rankings has released the 2018 list of educational institutions on the basis of the employability of their graduates. While Indian institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT) and and IIT Bombay have fared among the top 191-200, they are nowhere near the top universities in the globe.

This year two Australian universities and China’s Tsinghua Univeristy have fared among the top 10. Here are the world best universities for graduates’ employability:

1. Stanford University

Stanford has been ranked the second best university in the world in the QS rankings and the third best according to Times Higher Education. Located in California, it also ranks among QS’s top five in the world in subjects including arts and humanities, engineering and technology, life sciences and medicine, social sciences and management and natural sciences. Read | IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay are India’s strongest providers of highly employable graduates: QS rankings, click here

2. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Although this university hold the QS world rank of 33, it has been listed as the fourth best university for electrical and electronic engineering. It also ranks among the top ten universities in the world for English language and literature, geography, linguistics, biological sciences, medicine, psychology, chemistry, mathematics and communication and media studies.

3. Harvard University

Ranked third in the QS world university rankings, Harvard is at the third rank in the most employable graduates list. This university has secured the top ranks in three subjects including accounting and finance departments, life sciences and medicine and social sciences and management.

4. University of Sydney

This university is considered the best in Australia for graduate employability according to the 2017 QS ranking. It is also among the top 50 universities in the world. Currently, the university has more than 50,000 students, 3400 academic staff, and 320,000 alumni. It has been ranked the best in the world for sports-related subjects. Read | World University Rankings 2018: Top 10 universities in the world, click here

5. Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT has bagged five stars from QS in all almost all categories inclucing Rated 5+ QS stars, it’s achieved the maximum score across all categories, including research, employability, teaching, facilities, internationalization, innovation, specialist criteria and inclusiveness. IT is ranked the best in the world for Architechture and has been known for its pioneering research in issues like cancer therapy and identity politics.

6. University of Cambridge

Cambridge was founded in 1209 and is known for famous alumni including Isaac Newton, Ian McKellen, Stephen Hawking and Arianna Huffington. It is ranked the fifth best university in the world and the second best for anatomy and Physiology.

7. University of Melbourne

Located in Australia, this university has secured rank 41 in the overall world universities ranking and has bagged rank 5 under the subjects list of education and training. It is the second best university in Australia after the University of Sydney.

8. University of Oxford

Oxford University is ranked the best in the world by Times Higher Education while it stands at rank 6 in the QS world rankings. This univeristy is the best for anatomy and physiology according to QS world university ranking by subject. It is also considered the best in the world for English language and literature, geography, archeology, anatomy and physiology, arts and humanities. Read | World University Ranking 2018: Top 10 Indian universities other than IITs and IISc, click here

9. University of California, Berkley (UCB)

With 7 nobel laureates in its faculty, this university has bagged rank 27 in the overall QS world university ranking. It has also secured the top position in the subject of environmental studies and has rank 10 in the world university rankings of Times Higher Education.

10. Tsinghua Univeristy

The first and only Asian university in the 2018 graduate employability list, this varsity is located in China in northwest Beijing. It has been considered to be one of the “most beautiful in the world”, while securing rank 25 in the QS overall university rankings, rank 1 among BRICS nation universities and rank 5 in civil and structural engineering.


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